“I have been asking and waiting for my HIGHER SELF to take over and direct and guide me. I now realise that this is not going to happen without my ACTIVE participation!”

YES.  Exactly…you need to give yourself permission to be the most important person in your life in order take command of it.  In a holographic YOUniverse, there is no one but YOU since everything & everyone in your world is simply and perfectly reflecting to you your own state of BEing at all times.

Which means you can take clues from your outer life to let you know how well you are doing at BEing YOU!  If your outer world is abundant, fulfilling, peaceful, simple and harmonious, so is your inner state…a sign you are connected to the truth of your BEing.  Contrarily, if your outer world is fragmented and chaotic, overstimulated and overactive…so is your inner state..etc.

This stood out to me: “I need to stop procrastinating/ allowing myself to get distracted and finish the Vision Alignment course material, create a website and follow up on leads.”

To me, the true distraction (from Self) is busying the self.  Perhaps your procrastination is actually telling you something meaningful.  Have you stopped to honor it?

“by putting MYSELF FIRST.. LISTENING to my inner voice and then to have the courage to ACT on it. Must also work on patience and perseverance – enjoying the journey and not want instant results”

This is very powerful in that you cannot effectively DO until you are fully BEing…YOU.  The more authentic you allow yourself to be, the more your outer life will unfold to allow that expression of you.  But it cannot be done in reverse…meaning, you can’t excel in DOing a thing until you are a champion at BEing fully you.

Until that moment arrives, all external DOing just serves as a distraction.  And you will know because those things that are distracting you from the inner work of BEing, will be blocked or taken away, unattainable for one reason or another…but only until you reclaim yourself as a fully sovereign GOD-bearing BEing. At which point, the world becomes your playground.

“BE still and know that I AM…God.”