-It feels  clear to me the economy will likely continue to nose dive yet have this strange faith all is well despite much evidence to the contrary. Your thoughts?
My honest thoughts are that the economy is none of my/our business, nor do I even know what the state of the economy is for good reason.

Remember, in holographic (unity) creation, your experience and participation with “the world” it is unique to YOU…so your focus should always be on YOU…on your LOVE, your creations.  For Example: in my own life my money went way up when the economy started going way down.  This is proof that the financial system is not collective, but personal.  Create your own economy!  
Prosperity thru purpose is a self contained system of sustenance…any focus outside of yourSelf, of your LOVE, of your craft and passion will not serve you in unity.  
Sounds like your heart is guiding you perfectly here… ♡