I second Patsy…the body goes thru massive biological changes in every system during ascension: respiratory, digestive, endocrine, circulatory, etc.  Sometimes the changes are so drastic that it can be frightening, but the body knows exactly what it is doing…it has the intelligence/blueprint/body map contained within its DNA for this changeover.
That said…and the same is true for all things ascension: thinking from the brain has the potential to derail youat the least make things more difficult. I always allow my body to lead, and do my best to follow its promptings even when things seem to go too far.  And with ascension, EVERYthing seems goes too far. 

If things ever get too uncomfortable for me, my natural instinct is always to juice fast until my body returns to a state of homeostasis…so perhaps this is what your body is asking of you, a chance to upgrade/heal your digestion in the same way. It sounds like your digestion needs a big rest and your body is communicating that to you perfectly.

 This is likely only temporary, but your body will tell you what it wants long as you don’t override its requests with your cognitive brain. And btw, you are right on par with the universal tide… with Mars (physical body) retrograde and Mercury (mind) still retracing his shadow, we are definitely revisiting the connection between our mental and biological intelligence. (read: being asked to drop into the body, in total trust of its brilliance)  

In other words, for the body to resurrect, it’s intelligence needs to come before the intelligence of the thinking brain…which is far inferior in its capacity to renew the flesh.  Seems like you are navigating these waters perfectly! When in doubt, ask yourself: what is my body asking/telling me?  

Not sure if you took the Cell Speak™ e-program but I talk a lot about “giving the body a voice” and how important that is for our biological transformation…mainly because our cells know way more than we do and are way more equipped than we are to handle the myriad of changes required to ascend.

Hope this helps! ♡