Ok, a few things…first, realize that there is no one universal answer that applies to everyone at any given time…we are all going thru our own very personal experiences and they need to be honored as such. As always, your most accurate guide is your heart.

That said, you ask if you need to “continue clearing old stuck emotional blockages held in the body? or Have we energetically moved beyond the need? “…and my answer would be both.

What I mean is from a 3d dimensional perspective, we need to clear the denser emotional and physical bodies of blockages so that our light can enter, but from a 5th dimensional perspective we only need to BE, in order to achieve this.
Here’s how I am told that works:

As long as there are emotional triggers, there is separation and all separation must be wholed in order to enter into unity, into full alignment with our divinity.  But that doesn’t mean we there need to “seek out” our pain, wounds or blockages, but simply allow them to arise when they are cosmically triggered, while having the awareness and commitment to face/feel/transmute them when they do.

In other words, you are still responsible for any and all unresolved emotion, but if you “go with the flow” as you say…if you dedicate yourself to just BEing authentically you, anything that is NOT authentic to you will present itself for transmutation.  In this way, we don’t need to “willfully clear blockages” as in the past…we are at a frequency now that demands impeccability, which means any and all misalignment will show itself TO us for transcension, without efforting.

Does that help any?