Hi AJ, I am sorry you are going thru a challenging time ūüôĀ

You ask: Is this to do with my Soul-embodiment process or a physical problem that needs attention from a medical specialist?

Please know that I am definitely not comfortable making any kind of health assessment on your behalf.

In fact, I personally feel it would be a detriment to your own inner authority in that you¬†are a fully¬†empowered being capable of¬†wholing yourself…ie, deeply you know what is blocking your balance,¬†and what is needed to return you to your perfected state of being. I honor that above all else and so¬†the only thing I can do is¬†help you to trust in¬†YOUR intuitive knowing over all others since¬†nothing outside of you has your answers or ability to fix what ails you.

Realize that all pain has it’s purpose¬†which means it will patiently (& relentlessly) wait for you to¬†retrieve, honor and value it’s message.

Since we can’t fix a problem at the level it was created ¬†I guess I would say to you…instead of seeking to fix the physical issue,¬†look to see what emotions are creating it and why.

The physical body is map that corresponds to the emotional places where we are holding onto pain/blocking the divine flow.  It is an accurate, but denser version/expression of our emotional body so you must first give the discomfort a voice and really listen to what it wants you to know in order to restore your cellf to balance.

Realize too that the closer we get to unity, the quicker the physical body responds to our emotional state…ie, as these old emotions come up for clearing, our body shows us very quickly and in no uncertain terms what we are¬†moving thru.

Having said all that…I am definitely getting guidance that you are currently¬†releasing a traumatic cell memory and that there is nothing “wrong” but actually very “right” with you. ¬†With regard to your right (masculine) eye strain, I get the sense that this in particular is the release of cell memory associated with years of “straining to see and accept the truth of this trauma”.

Of course, only you know what’s true for you¬†but if you find resonance in what I shared,¬†then be sure to nurture and validate your body’s process. ¬†Allow your¬†physical cellf¬†to express it’s pain the way you¬†would a child…fully present to it and with unconditional LOVE and acceptance.

Where you try to change, fix or force WHAT IS to be different than it is, you create resistance to the divine flow. ¬†Remember that the key is in leaning into, not away from, the discomfort…authenticating it’s reason for BEing, which is always to show you the places¬†in need of more LOVE.

You’ve been thru a lot which means you’re capable of a lot. ¬†I look forward to¬†this¬†painful part of your journey drawing to a close and the¬†unveiling¬†of your full reason for BEing…here, now. ¬†I suspect that time is sooner than you may think.

I hope something I’ve said eases your strain…literally AND figuretively.