Hi again, and thanks for your patience…

The first thing that popped out at me were these two lines:

I feel as if I’m doing EVERYTHING that I can…and…Do you have any suggestions of what I could be doing better

The first and most vital thing to realize when transcending your karmic past is that there is nothing you can “DO” to change it…you can only BE fully present to your pain to transmute it.  In other words, the only way around is thru…your emotional body.  Keep in mind that the soul communicates to us via emotions…if our emotions are unfelt, unheard, our soul is unacknowledged.  And that ultimately creates suffering.

To jump off the karmic wheel is all about transcending the past, not changing it.  It’s about accepting your past as a vital part of your now and LOVEing yourself thru all of it.

Transcendence happens thru BEing & ALLOWing….BEing exactly who and what you are, fully present to every moment without trying to change it (even & especially if those moments suck)…while also ALLOWing your feelings the full freedom to flow, to be felt, to be validated and acknowledged.

If you can bring those two things together in every moment that you feel density, you will begin to release resistance to your pain which will lessen the impact your past has over you and your life.

Our karmic patterning that stems from past pain (and keep in mind that past may refer to lifetimes before this one) will keep returning, cycling back over and again, until we have the courage to feel what our soul is communicating to us via emotional unrest.  This often takes many cycles, but sometimes it can be resolved in an instant…depending on the extent to which you can allow yourself to feel what wants to be felt.

Until these feelings are fully felt, the pain will stay active in your vibration which means, by universal law, you will continue to attract scenarios & life situations to reflect that pain back to you.

You say:  “I was able to start facing the root issue. I began to work diligently clearing, meditating, visualizing etc”

And so I would ask…did your “clearing, meditating and visualizing” include FEELing your pain?

Remember that accepting your pain as a valid part of your past is essential to letting it go.  Once you can see the purpose in pain, pain no longer has a purpose…see?

And the purpose of ALL pain is to return us to the LOVE that we intrinsically ARE.

Remember, you are not your pain as much as you are not your past, so try not to resist or react to any of it.  Resistance is the fear of attachment…re-action is the act of attachment (where we keep re-en-acting the past).   Both are are aspects of polarity and neither will afford you the opportunity of transcendence.

The key to detachment is in the total and complete acceptance of exactly that which you are trying to avoid.

You are perfect and whole, divine and eternal.  Keep your sight continually on that larger part of you and simply observe the smaller you (that is here having a human experience) with as much detachment as possible, until all that’s left in your humanity is your divinity.

Hope something I’ve said eases your strain…