“I am guessing being aware when I am doing it is a good first step.”  

I so agree with that statement to the point that I wonder if anything else is really required.  Because changing a pattern comes from a soul-driven desire…the fact that you are desiring to maintain your spiritual truth, your vibrational integrity, is (in my mind) an indication that you are already doing it.

That said, it definitely takes practice to stand in your authenticity while allowing everyone around you to be in theirs…it’s most definitely an exercise of the inner-arts.

The paradox is that the more you love yourself exactly as you are…the more authentic you allow yourself to be…the more situations will call you to authentic action.  But once you find your neutrality there…your comfort zone….your commitment to yourself solidifies and it not only becomes second nature to stay rooted in your truth, but you get to a place where you actually look for opportunities to express it.

Something I do when I have the tendency to meddle in the journey of those I love (under the guise of “helping”) is practice just listening without needing to give a response, or an answer, or a solution to their life situations (this is next to torture for me, btw).

I make a conscious effort to offer only my presence which gives the organic space to remain authentic to who I am, while allowing them to be true to what they are feeling. And what I usually find is that just my attention, focus, consciousness is enuf…sometimes its more than enuf…transformative even.  But I have to really work against the grain here to undo a long standing neural pattern of “fixing” even tho I know that I am risk of taking on unwanted energies.

I think that this is something we are all being called to master right now because it will be important in the days ahead when we are comingling with the 3D world. That said, we are all doing this for the first time and there’s gonna be a learning curve…maybe even a steep one…so be sure to nurture yourself through any tender vulnerability. Being true to ourselves is scary!…but the reward is unquestionably worth the nerves.

BEing LOVE and BEing LOVE in relationship to the world around us…two very different things.

Also, and on the metaphysical side of things, I have recently been told by my soul team to apply a protection shield when I am in the presence of others or when I go in public to help my energy field remain impervious to the energies of others.  It has been working wonders for me so maybe it will help you to solidify your auric boundaries as you are growing your light.

Whenever you feel you need assistance maintaining your field you can turn on the shield with this simple command: “protection shield ON” (you can also visualize yourself encased in your crystalline energy field)

Hope this helps!