” I understand coming from an open loving heart draws to me those of same vibration. As I ask “how do I shift this? (ie change my perspective)”

Since the purpose of every relationship is to serve as a mirror in some way, there is only one way to see your authentic reflection (which is LOVE) in the mirror of others: BE authentically YOU

If you are not able to be yourself fully or completely in certain situations, it can definitely show up in others as being “misperceived”…if that’s the case, simply LOVE and nurture the part of yourself, the core-level wound, that has caused you in some way to feel unseen/unheard/unimportant/uncared for, etc.

Bottom Line: Self LOVE is the only way to receive (reflect) LOVE from others. By the physics of our holographic universe, we can never receive anything from another that we are not BEing ourself.