Wow, Thelma…that is a hard pill to swallow.

I will admit that the paradox of becoming more in tune/sensitive to the physical realm is that we we feel more of the horrors…and that is the definite downside to awakening.

BUT, as I see it, we have much more power now than ever thru our neutrality and I will talk about that more below.

You ask:

Can Gaia again become the pristine planet she was meant to be?

I say…with our help, yes.  Otherwise, none of us (awake/sensitive) would be here at such a crucial, yet incomprehensibly destructive time on this planet. Change MUST come to the physical world and we are here to see that thru.

You ask:

Or am I meant to witness her destruction at a 3D level before anything changes?

Yes and no.  We are not meant to sit in the horrors and suffer, we are meant to live in the light…accept the dark…and to create as LOVE.

That said, I feel compelled to bring to your attention as a reminder…especially because we are in a powerful eclipse portal AND mercury retrograde…that it is important for you to keep the holographic perspective of life…that there really is nothing “out there”, that it’s all a reflection of your own consciousness.

Meaning, any and all information that comes to you, that is affecting you, always has it’s purpose in reflecting something to you about you.  (aka, life is but a mirror)

Not in the sense that you are responsible for the destruction, but that perhaps the pain you are feeling as a result of this information points to the opposite polarity…an unhealed wound within yourself….a vulnerable place within you that might still be permeable to this level of toxicity and/or abuse.

Cuz here’s the thing…we know things are self destructing on this planet and will continue to do so likely for a while…the horrors will show up everywhere, in every corner of the world while we simultaneously create a NEW world. (which is key)  We know that the exposure of the dark is a part of the growing light…that all darkness must be illuminated in order to heal/learn/grow and move on into higher levels of living, as a society.

BUT…that doesn’t mean that your world or my world has to include awareness of these horrors…IF and as long as you are healed/whole within, by holographic law, you will only attract information & life experiences that are whole and, well…LOVE.  In other words, your outer reality will conform to reflect your inner state of ONEness…as if by magic.

So the point of this information in your field, as I see it, is to first search for and heal/whole/LOVE the place within you that is affected by it…that is how we channel divine LOVE to the planet, thru our neutrality and non attachment to suffering…and then simultaneously turn your focus to creating as LOVE…to pouring your powerful energy into something that nourishes/beautifies you and your world so deeply that it has no choice but to affect the world around you.

And remember too what Einstein taught us all in his brilliance…“we can’t fix a problem at the level by which it was created”.

As powerful LOVE-filled beings it’s super important that we don’t lend our focus/energy/light/power to what’s unLOVEing, but instead we must redirect our LOVE to where LOVE is…ie, we are not here to “heal the planet” we are here to create the planet anew.

Besides, it is not really possible to heal the planet when you consider that earth is just a collective projection of human consciousness…and unfortunately, unconsciousness as well.  To heal the planet, we can only heal ourselves…as within, so without. Once we whole ourselves from within as a society, the planet will have no choice but to reflect that reality of unity as perfectly as she reflects the reality of separation.

In the meantime, while you are wholing any unLOVEd places within you…I would say do your best to ignore the travesties of life, disengage from anything that doesn’t feel inspirational (hence divine) and stay riveted to only your HEARTs creations.  If you continually say NO to those things that feel unLOVEing, you (energetically) disengage from that (3D) hologram and move to higher ground.   Saying NO to what what you don’t want to be a part of and YES to what you do, reprograms your YOUniversal hologram to present you with a true and accurate reflection of your higher Self and choices.

Make sense?

Hope this perspective helps to elevate you to the higher mind to where the disarray in life is just as perfect as the order.

p.s. on a very practical level…and once you fully, emotionally detach from the trauma of 3D life and can transcend the energy of suffering…it may help to realize that there are many new future-esque technologies coming forth, some already in the works, that will support us in the implementation of building Eden.  How can it be any other way?

The star beings assert that many of these technologies will be birthed by those who have created them long before our arrival in this timeline and have worked toward this specific lifetime to manifest them in form.  Also, my mother on one occasion came forth to tell me that she was observing technologies in other dimensions soon to arrive on this planet that she said will far supercede any technologies based in the “industrial revolution”…and with a purpose to beautify this once beautiful orb back to her original blueprint of perfection.

That information may help you to make peace with the internal conflict you feel between “wanting earth to be restored to divine perfection because the coding for divine perfection exists in your higher dimensional DNA”…and “having to detach from the lower dimensional programming that created all the pain on earth.”

In a word: mastery.