I hear you Cecil, it is very difficult to get and stay focused this time of year with so many downloads to the pituitary/pineal complex…can be brutal at times.

The only thing that works for me during intensely scattered/unfocused days is to wait for sundown to do anything that requires my brain.

I usually find that during the day the solar codes are way too intense to try to get a hold of thinking in an organized way…ie, its usually my left brain thinking that is crippled.

So, if I have enuf energy, I will do things menial tasks during the day that don’t require my noodle…grounded things like chores and stuff that keeps me in my body…then when sun sets I often find that I can spend time in my thinking brain and I if thats the case, I will be glued to my computer until bedtime.  It’s not a fun schedule, but I have had to adapt to keep up with my work….and of course I have the luxury of working from home. (hopefully you do too!)

I have learned the hard way that there is just no use trying to resist the light and force things to happen when I am scrambled…now I just let myself be all messed up, nurture if need be, then work out an alternate plan to cope with “life”.

Hope that helps in some way…♡