Hi Ann, and welcome to the co-coaching circle!

“How do we create money from a place of LOVE and not FEAR and stay stable when others doubt us?”
What I would first address here is the basis of the hologram..which is that, in our reality system there is no “other”.  Meaning, whatever you come up against in “others” is simply a reflection of you in some way…your thoughts, be-lie-fs, feelings about yourself.

With that understanding its easy to see how those around you may be portraying/enacting/responding/reflecting the energy of self-doubt that you are emitting.

The same way that those same people would reflect back to you your incredible self value if you were embodying it fully.  Hence, when you shift your energy, you shift your hologram.

So the first step as I see it is in owning your worth…which will then be reflected in your value…which then translates to the ownership of your financial value in the physical world.  In other words, there is no separation between self worth & financial worth…self value & financial value.

Money is a direct physical extension of our feelings of worth…money literally asks us…”what is your worth”?
Your answer to that question determines everything about your finances because you ARE your money. That is why I always say that money is a perfect and honest mirror because when we see it that way, as a gauge for how well we value ourselves, it changes money from an elusive and unattainable mystery to a powerful tool.

Owning your worth is an inside job, and requires that you acknowledge and heal/whole the part of you that feels that “who you are is not enuf”.

When you realize that who you are IS enuf, you realize that you simply can’t fail because, by the very existence of you in physical form, you are a success. You are god incarnate…how could god fail?

This expanded realization takes all the blocks and pressure off of “what you DO” for money, and opens the doors to “claiming your worth” simply for BEing the god-sovereign being that you already are…and when you feel worthy just for BEing you can wield abundance just from BEing who you are.  This is a powerful place of leverage.

TWYH is a perfect example of this…once I realized that money was just the physical representation of my own self-worth I was like “duh, how did i not see this before??” So I started to consciously value myself more because I realized that my tribe was in resonance with me, with my LOVE signature, whereas what I did “for them” had less value because there are plenty of people who do what I do…but not in the WAY that I do it. My whole hologram shifted as a result.

The same is true for everyone.

If you have the courage to BE authentically Ann (read: unguarded in your LOVE) your people/money will come because your open heart will create an open gateway to communicate and connect your resonance with all other like-hearts.  It is the most powerful marketing system available.

Remember, in 5D, money has little to do with what we DO…money responds to BEing true. Incidentally, that’s how you create money from a place of LOVE!

When you LOVE yourself so fully that you are willing to allow others to benefit solely from the LOVE that you are, and not what you “do”, you are golden.


True command of the universe lies in the sacredness of a pure heart.

Just DO YOU, authentically, and you will never lose sight of your power as a creator god.