Hey Gracee…great question to start things off here! You say at different times you get get excited about the “possibility” of creating so many different realities…but that, in these new energies, is the fastest way to overwhelm.

So first I would say this: don’t think about creation, feel it instead.

The way things work in unity are almost opposite of the way things work in duality which is generally this: think of an idea > conceptualize a plan to implement it > take action.

In unity creation works like this:  feel whats most pressing in your heart > decide how you want to create the experience of that feeling in the physical world…(re, what could you create in “reality” that would give you the physical expression of that desirous feeling) > stand in that that feeling until the ideas come > and then only take action when the supports appear that fortify your ideas.

In other words, if you choose from your mind, you will never choose…because in this new holographic reality system of creation, ANYthing is possible…literally.  So if you tune into the thought/vibration of possibility, you will only attract more “possibilities”…which is why I say it’s a direct route to overwhelm.

If you choose from your feeling center however, you will notice that when you tune into YOU, into your heart, that even tho there are tons of things that you want to experience and create in the world, that there is one that is most pressing, ranking higher in priority.   This is because in physicality, we create according to time and space (at least for now) and so the heart prioritizes its desires in the order of now, next, later.

What I would say to that is…leave no stone unturned in your quest for creative fulfilment, yet focus your energies only on those things that you authentically yearn for, right now.

Each of us has a whole host of possibilities & potentials that will serve us in creating our hearts desires, but there is usually one central pathway…a “theme” to follow based on our incarnation path/color/ray, etc. that consists of one energy pattern that bleeds into all things.

To utilize this stream of patterning effectively is to stay focused upon YOU, first and foremost…which will help you to find the core essence that is contained within each of those many and varied realities that you desire to create.

So for example, what is the common thread to all of your possible creations?  That essence will give you an idea of where your heart is trying to lead you.

If you stay focused on your unique “essence”, and not the possibilities contained within it, you will always know what your next step is in creation.

As always, every answer is wholly contained within the ♡!