Hi Phyllis…curiously, what would be the benefit of connecting to your dream self?

Reason I ask is because the Pleiadians are making it clear to me that the dream space is an alternate reality that allows for the experimentation and learnings of physical life in a safe, less dense environment.  But for this new level of conscious creation, the dream space is not as needed since the consciousness that is stored there is now available for us in our waking state.
Because of that, the guidance I receive is to focus more on connection to your “awakened” self then the dream self since the latter is only a fraction of what’s available to us now in the physical world.

In other words, after all these years of “waking up from the dream”, the dream self has little influence over the waking self now…that space has served us well in our awakening process but now is the time to employ the service of the wakeful mind, so to speak.
Hope that makes sense 🙂