Hi Thelma, Wow, big changes in store for you…how exciting!

And to answer your question…“Does this mean I will receive signals of when and where to go?”…absolutely yes, but in order to receive those signals, you must stay out of your head and utilize the magnetic power of the heart.

To help with that I would say, turn the relocation process into a game of seek and find.

Your heart already knows where you’re going because it is calling to you from the future…you can depend on this because your current situation simply cannot end without a new opportunity awaiting you.  In fact, it’s the main reason things come to an end in our lives…because a new opportunity for soul experience has already opened and is calling us forth.

So knowing that your vibrational match (insert: home, partner, career, etc.) is already out there waiting for you, your only job…the physical you…is simply to follow the heart’s promptings like a bread crumb trail to your destination. To do that, you must stay in the pure resonance of your heart (joy/LOVE) so that your heart-match can attract you to it and it to you. (how freeing is that?  our only job is to stay in joy!…yes, please)

And you will KNOW when it arrives, there won’t be a question in your mind, you just feel compelled to move into action…the questions come from the uncertainty of the future, from not trusting in your divine power to support and provide for you in the ways you ultimately desire.

But if you remember your sovereignty (that you are the creator of your experience) and stay rooted in the knowing that you are ALWAYS supported and guided to & for your highest good…without exception…then your heart can do all the work via attraction & resonance.

The real key in creation is to magnetize your desire TO you, in your case a future home…for example: The (high) heart will send out its adamantine impression of the perfect home experience, in the perfect setting, with the perfect look and feel, etc.  That LOVE impression is then sent out into the world to gather up and qualify all like resonances and return them to you via any means possible (a suggestion from a friend, an article, a random email, an internet search, etc.)

When the timing is right and your home shows up, you will get a felt sense of rightness because there will be a level of familiarity with it…that familiarity is your own adamantine essence, having done all the work to qualify your future residence and return it TO you with a sense of “home” so you know its the “right” situation.

It’s literally and scientifically true that “home is where the heart is”! 😀
(Tho unknowingly at the time, I have used this exact technique to purchase and acquire all four of my properties in the past, including my restaurant…each of which came to me with a stunning rightness, every step of the way.)

Some things to NOTE:

  • Your head will try to convince you to randomly “go looking” for your new home/location….this is a trap.  I am dealing with this now on a personal level because since the solstice, my heart is calling me to move across the country, and tho I can feel a future part of me there I can also feel a few more years here in NY.  Having no idea where my heart is calling, I have been tempted to “go looking” for what I “think” would be ideal.  This gets overwhelming in seconds.   As soon as I let go however, and let my LOVE essence draw information TO me, I get perfect and very specific nudges via the web of synchronicity that always feel in alignment with my heart resonance.
  • Because endings/beginnings are simultaneous, very often the timing of both will coincide…meaning, your new home may not show up until seemingly the “last” minute.  This is common and a good indication of heart-creation which is always in tune with the cosmic pulse and will bring to you your wildest dreams, but requires great trust in the divine plan.  Luckily we have spent years mastering this.
  • Good move in honoring your heart by staying thru the summer and easing into your next phase of life.  You deserve the full support of the universe and that means “as effortless as possible”.  Effortless is a good priority to have, especially in a move which can require a lot of energy.  I always command my creations to manifest with the least amount of effort on my part, sometimes I command that things show up for me without ANY effort. 😯

Hope this helps!