Ok, I see more now, thanks Angel. I would beg to differ with you in that the block is structural and here’s why: “When I am around them I feel like a failure.”
That jumped off the page at me for good reason…because it is a solid indication of a bug in your self-value software (emotional makeup). 
Here is another clear sign of what’s thwarting you : “I can earn heaps at job B and I am good at it but I would prefer to do what I am passionate about.” 
What stands out to me…and this ties in beautifully with what Paloma offered above…is that you are able to detach from job B and allow the flow of  money because there are no attachments (read: emotional entanglements) to the outcome (money).
But when you are engaged in your passion and left to your own devices, you are suddenly not magnetizing the flow of support that is naturally and abundantly yours to have.
This attachment (block) to your outcome feels to me like an extension of the first, and possibly even a “core” wound issue around valuing yourself, above all else….that somehow you are not “valuable” (perhaps according to yourSelf, your family, society, etc) if you are not providing, making money, procuring “results”, etc…that your worth is somehow tied to an outcome, a thing, and not your LOVE.  
Which is where the money blocks begin.  Money is clear a reflection of our value and it doesn’t lie. In unity, we simply cannot place our value on ANYthing outside of ourselves…especially money.  If we do, we block our abundance, our love, our well being, etc.  The work is in first feeling valuable just because you ARE. Period.  Without having anything to ‘show’ for it.
And when you do, when you truly value YOU and all your focus is on your YOUniqueness, your LOVE…then all the extraneous details of “purpose” come rushing to meet you and at that point, money becomes not only secondary to your LOVE, but a natural and organic reflection of how much you value that LOVE for yourself.
In duality consciousness, we have the ability to separate ourselves from our money…to value things outside of ourselves and to create affluence from it.  This is not the case in unity where we live and prosper from purpose, from our BEingness, from our LOVE…and where everything is an extension of Self.
In other words, in unity we are shown exactly how much we LOVE ourselves by how much LOVE we have in our lives…likewise, we are shown how much we value ourselves by how much value (worth) we have  our lives…by how abundant and blessed we allow ourselves to BE. 
So my suggestion would be to first take your focus off of anything & everything outside of yourself and put it squarely on you…on your heart, on your LOVE for yourself, the expression of your purpose, and your passion for your craft.  When you are tapped into that powerful vibration within you, the world…your world…responds dutifully and without measured restraint.  Once that door is opened, nothing could stop the flow of good things.  
I think the greatest successes I see in my own financial flow always come from ignoring everything and everyone else but me…because ultimately, in a holographic universe, there is no one in my world but me…just as there is no one in your world but YOU.
When you deeply grasp that…that everything around you is reflecting your state of BEing back to you, you realize that money is only an extension OF you…showing you yourself in a way that nothing else can. It’s always, in every way, about YOU.
Knowing that should help you to take your focus off of the money, and put it where it belongs…in your HEART.  If you do, I promise you that not only will money reflect that LOVE right back to you, it will show you things about yourself that you never dreamed possible.
This is the time, your time, to take the leap…in faith…of your LOVE, because ultimately all else (including money) is just an illusion. 
And if LOVE is all that’s real, then ultimately LOVE is the only investment with any real value.  
So always and only invest in YOU!