Wow Ishara, your entrance into this life/ascension experience is so commendable and fascinating to boot. Each walk-in I encounter makes me realize what a badass warrior you have to be to jump in an adult bod and start clearing out all its miasms. Amazing actually.

as for: “emotions were usually not recognisable as emotions, but came through as overwhelming physical sensations in the body”…this is often how I realize my emotions.

Before I activated I had very few tools and understanding of how to handle the human emotional body in a dense childhood environment and so I must have suppressed a lot of “issues in my tissues”, as they say.

This year, the body is releasing so much thru the cells that it’s been eye popping to realize just how much feeling is physical.  Truly enlightening!

p.s.  glad things are getting less intense with regard to clearing…also glad the regeneration technique is helping(!). It’s a process and it does get easier, long as we constantly remember that we are in command, especially when the ship starts to sink.  I am still working thru some of my own rough spots and there are certainly still snags, but we have to keep “practicing our powers”, which is mostly just remembering that we have them!