Hi Ishara!  First of all, how amazing that you are a walk in (do you have conscious memory of the process?)…secondly, WOWzers, you are a super-sensitive like meself!

And yes, I feel EVERYthing….everything the earth is going thru, humanity, celestially, cosmically…ALL of it.  NO FUN.

But here’s the good news…we are finally moving into a period by which we will be able to remember how to manage our energy field better.

Did you read the section in the last report called Force Field Creation and the Action Steps on how to do that?

This ability (forcefield creation) will not only serve us in the world, but also in our capacity to continually stabilize within the increasing cosmic and celestial forces.  In other words, we are coming to the body-based-realization that these very forces are fully contained within us, which means that we are actualizing our emerging power to create with those very forces that once derailed us.

Basically, we have to start using our superpowers…power being the operative word here…and this begins with remembering that we have the ability to create a forcefield for ourselves and then learning how to balance and self contain our energy within it so that we are not personally processing the energy of everything around us.

As you move through the second half of your calendar year you will be moving into more movement-based experiences of mastery, realizing your capacity to create at the physical level of life AS you are creating it.

The first realization to uncover will be your own ability to not only create a forcefield for what you deem necessary as ‘personal protection’ in the world, but to actually create a forcefield for your own will, AS GOD, to create in the world.

In the report I talk about commanding your space…if you didn’t read that I highly recommend that you do, if you did, i recommend a re-read.  Maintaining our energy equilibrium is so vital to our success as 5th dimensional beings in a (dismantling) 3D world.

As highly sensitive beings accustomed to feeling SO much all the time, the ability to “hold our vibration” in the outside world alludes to the kind of freedom we have longed for, in some cases, for decades.  And it definitely takes routine practice to get in the habit of remembering our power, enacting & trusting it…in the moment….before we fall prey to outside influences.

Because you are experiencing unrest while you sleep I would recommend that you create a forcefield before bed, set your intention, seal your field in diamond-gold light.  And be fierce about it…remember your power as creator and absolutely command your space.

If find yourself still attracting these energies, check within yourself to be sure you are not a vibrational match to them…ie, scour your emotional body to be sure you have resolved any wounding that could be calling on these energies.

All in all, it takes practice but if you are up for the challenge, it gets easier and you will find that you get it down in no time…literally and figuratively.  Overall I have a feeling that this will be a large and ongoing part of our applied mastery phase, so there will be plenty of assistance and support.

Hope this helps!


p.s. For maintenance and energy hygiene, be sure to keep your energy running and clear!  Ie, each day, or when you feel heaviness/fear/overwhelm in your field, quickly root yourself to the earth, open your pranic tube (5 feet in diameter) call in the golden light and as it descends into your chakra system, intend for the alchemical frequency to purify/clear your field.  As the light is cleansing you, it will drain and deposit all lower vibrating energies, those not in alignment with your soul’s intentions, into the earth to be neutralized.

This will restore you to balance pretty quickly, but you must remember to move these energies thru you and into earth in order to keep your toroidal field moving and clear of density.