Hi Lis, the term metaphysics is so broad and loosely defined that I don’t think I could comment on that specifically, but I do think MUCH will change as we transcend duality on earth..so much that we don’t even have a framework for yet. That’s the exciting part!

Actually, the Pleiadians have something to add:

In terms of metaphysics, we would say that the new cycle of creation on earth will fortify metaphysics to the point that it will become the NEW physics of earth…in the sense that what you now term esoteric, will ground into reality in ways that will become undeniable to science.  

The future of earth hinges on the growth into this higher study of spiritual science…of defining the undefinable…and those who have transcended the traditional laws of physics will be, in a sense, vanguarding the new science…forcing science to take a deeper look shall we say, into what reality really is.

Hope that helps ♡