Welcome to the new TWYH Q&A co-coaching circle! I am so excited for this space for two reasons:

  1. I get a ton of really great questions that I unfortunately do not have time to answer.  This is frustrating because a) I ♡ great questions…they stimulate so much self-reflection, growth and expansion…and b) they give us the mental framework (container) to define and explore what’s in our consciousness.
  2. We are all teachers and students.  In a group setting, with so many varied perspectives and insights mirrored back to us, the ability to see ourselves more clearly is doubled. It’s no secret that I am a fan of a community setting for exactly this reason…because I have personally learned so much about myself from the experience and sharing of others.  Your participation is not only welcomed here, it is a vital component to the success of this platform.

How it works:

My intention for this circle is to create a safe & protected environment for members to ask personal questions and to receive insights and reflections from myself as well as others in the community.

This co-coaching method is not so much about getting answers as it is about stimulating new thought and the mindset required to gain a broader perspective and see more of our Self thru the natural mirroring process that occurs in group settings.

The way it works is simple…

  1. You ask a question.*
  2. I provide my insight.
  3. Anyone in the circle can then add their insight by commenting on either the questions OR the answers.**

* If your question is too personal to share, there is the option to make it private. Keep in mind however, that if you make the question private you will be limited to my answer only.

**There is also a voting system so you can vote the most helpful/insightful questions and answers to the top for all to benefit from.
Ask Away!