Hi Leah,
The money chains have DEFINITELY tightened up with Venus retrograde, I see it everywhere with everyone close to me, but I too am going thru what I would call a financial crunch…in actuality, it’s an energy compression…right before we expand into a new level of creative opportunity and financial flow.  And yes, uncertainty abounds…but I like to think of it as the tide pulling out before a giant wave, or the tension needed to pull back the slingshot that will catapult us to the next level of the game.  Aka, this is where ALL the growth is.

For me, this tension is no longer about survival, but an up levelling required to go next level in my creative desires….for many tho, this upleveling is about moving beyond lack for. good.

Hell, even the economy is reflecting this unrest at the moment…yet another wake up call for humanity to take “stock” in what they are truly willing to invest in…”internal/self or other/external”?

As we move into the new world WE become our own economy and so this emptying out phase is all for checks and balances…pushing us all to take stock of our energy exchange to make sure 1) our goals are aligned with our true, authentic vision and soul desires for ourselves and 2) that we are not giving away our energy to places that no longer serve us.

The only time we really get a good look at that stuff is when we feel limited, blocked, held back…as is the case for another few days…so these periods are VERY valuable, and we get to see a lot about ourselves…ie, the timing of your inner valuation is perfect…but lets be honest, they suck.

Luckily Venus goes direct on September 6th and so you/we/us will likely begin to feel some new supportive energy coming in, bringing some well earned rewards for putting your faith where it belongs…in YOU.

Until then I would say that there is nothing to DO but BE very present to your feelings, honoring them all without attaching to the past as true for your future. It’s very challenging to quiet the mind when EVERYTHING is riding on our financial flow…but that is for one very good reason: our finances are trying to reflect to us what we value and what feel we are worth.

This Venus retrograde is asking those leaving duality to be absolutely sure that we know our worth, just for BEing who we are…that we value ourSelves first, above ALL else. When we do, when we see ourselves as the GOLDEN Gods we are, we are rewarded with the riches of heaven.

Ultimately, the love goddess is testing us to see if we have the courage, strength and tenacity to ignore everything else but our heart’s call, what we LOVE, and to trust in OUR innate capacity to create wealth from within that LOVE.

You said it best:  In my core I feel faith, even optimism, and the necessity of this free fall into the realization of Creatorship.

I would say that this is exactly where your destiny awaits you…tho often, not until the very. last. second.

All is well.