hmmm…that’s pretty wild!  And I imagine unnerving too.

I don’t have any information/suggestions (nor do I feel qualified) to share on that specifically, or at least yet, but I do know that there is new level information coming to us post-purification about more multidimensional things like teleportation, bilocation, merkaba functions and the like. Maybe something I uncover in the future will be relevant to what you share here.

I am sure that as we collectively move deeper into our multidimensional nature more answers and insights will surface about these types of oddities, but I am not comfortable reaching into the future for any information, especially at this time on earth when timelines are converging so rapidly…ie, I don’t generally “know” anything until it arrives/unfolds in me.

That said…and since these situations don’t happen to just anybody…I would imagine that these dimensional bleed-thrus are here for you discover something about your own self/abilities…have you explored their purpose in your life and/or found others who have similar experiences?

Maybe YOU have something to teach ME about this??…just sayin’.  🙂