Hi George, 

So just to be clear…you are moving to a new city and you marketed your new course in the same way you marketed the course in your existing location. However, in your existing location, the results were more fruitful than the results of the location you are moving to?  Do I have this right?

If so, there are two obvious signs of energy at play here…

1) in the new (unity) creation dynamic…which, as you likely know is not new at all, only new to us humans at this stage of consciousness and evolution…energy seems to coalesce, meaning “come to manifest form” seemingly at the last minute. Which is frustrating, and also why it is so often called “faith creation” but the physics of it is more quantum than linear, where in linearity there are “steps” we can take in a logical fashion that seem to move us in a direction of gain…whereas in quantum creation, our intentions are qualified and attract like frequencies cyclically and often don’t bear the fruit until the fruit is already ripe!  

So your last minute results are very confirming, to me at least, that you were right on the pulse there.  Well done!

2) with regard to your moving…my feeling is that because your energy/antennae is established more firmly in your present location…I am assuming you’ve been there for a bit…that you have been transmitting your LOVE signal from that location to the point that it has anchored your presence firmly there.  If this is the case, then perhaps you are just needing to get to the new city FIRST, get your LOVE anchored in place so you can begin transmitting your signal in that new location…the vision I am getting is kind of like a “slow growing pulse of your LOVE signature thru the planetary grid in that specific geographic location”….almost like there is not “enuf of you/your energy” there yet.

The dynamic is really no different in person than working online where your resonance needs some time and space to establish itself and “take hold” if you will, in 3D/physical form in order to begin magnetizing those in alignment with your vibration.
Does this help you at all?