Hi Leah,

Realize that all lower frequencies are up to be transmuted during the rest of this season so this growing wave of ascension light can flow through the body, unimpeded, and ground into the core of earth.

This time has been explained to me as a “preparatory” phase for the final blood moon on September 28th which means we will be called to become bigger than our fears in order to release all cell memories and trauma imprints from the body.  Ultimately the light wants to flow thru the body system without ANY resistance (fear) so the work right now is in detaching from these energies as much as possible and allowing them to “do their thing”, without reacting…which at this level of energy can create overwhelm pretty immediately.

The Pleiadians tell me that you would benefit from moving INTO the light and not away from it…they say that you are restricting the flow, rescinding, shrinking up and blocking the Source energies from entering your body and this is creating an accumulation of “pooled” energies.  When we are fearful we block the current, when we block the current the energies backup, intensify and create fear/anxiety in the body.

I am hearing that it is important that you become aware that you are doing this, when you are doing it, so that you can consciously relax into the light…surrender yourself TO it, allow it to move thru you knowing that it is here to serve you not harm you.

To help with this, I have been directed by the PHC to use visualization to “root to earth and run energies” and it helps to relax and restore the divine flow almost immediately.  (This is also helpful for maintenance and energy hygiene to keep your energy moving and clear.)

Each day, or when you feel heaviness/fear/overwhelm in your field, quickly root yourself to the earth, open your pranic tube (about 5 feet in diameter) call in the golden light and as it descends into your chakra system, one chakra at a time beginning with crown, intend for this alchemical frequency to assist you in releasing all resistance to allowing these energies into your body system as they purify/clear your field.  As the light is cleansing you, it will drain and deposit all lower vibrating energies (those not in alignment with your soul’s intentions) into the earth via your root in order to be neutralized as well as restore you, as a divine conduit of the GOD frequencies, to neutrality (peace).

This technique will return you to center pretty quickly…takes about 5-7 minutes to begin to feel peace flood your body…but you must remember to do it when you start to tense up.  If you get caught up in a fear maelstrom and feel paralyzed from it, first call in the golden light, then call in the ascended masters, spirit guides, soul teams, archangels…all who work with and for you in this lifetime…for help and they will respond rather immediately.  They are “on call” so to speak to assist those embodying at this time and I have personally used my “call in a friend” option (read: 911) three times with astounding instant results. Truly remarkable peace in seconds.

Hope something I’ve said helps!


p.s. if you feel you are taking on the energy of others as your own, try running this program:  “By the power of christ vested in me, I hereby command the release of any and all energies not in alignment with my soul’s intentions.”  Then visualize/intend for the golden light to seal up your energy field, keeping you encased in your own hologram as you interact with others and/or the collective hologram.  (I personally use this any time I leave the house).