Hi George,

This is such a great question…and so timely.

You asked: “...do you have any advice about how to make my co-creation of “projects” more like this spontaneous unfolding that occured when I didn’t have an agenda or project?”

Creating in this new (unity) dynamic is all about blending the spiritual and the material…the mystical and the practical…but to do this effectively requires the proper order of our divine feminine and masculine energies. Essentially, feminine first.  Which, incidentally is why we had to work so hard to anchor the divine feminine on the planet fully before we could truly access and utilize our creatorship skills.

That said, and the reason why your question is so timely, is because we are here, now.  The feminine is fully anchored and ready to support us to thrive which means the next leg of our journey will be in balancing the masculine with the feminine now that it is in it’s proper place.

While we are just at the very beginning of it…and I will be writing/teaching about it extensively in the weeks/months to come…I have personally had some success in this area primarily because my constitution (birth chart) is heavily feminine dominant, so I only really know this way of creating…even tho until now it wasn’t heavily supported by the world at large.  Hence, I can draw from some of my experience to assist you, however I do think there will be MUCH more to learn as the energies unfold before us over time.

The mindset I use to create is to think of this co-creative (female/male) dance cinematically…one where the “lead actress” in any production has the ability (and freedom) to shine most brilliantly against the “supporting male role”. This feminine-first/leading lady dynamic is what ensures that we are aligned with the cosmic pulse so that any creative endeavors will follow suit with the full support of the universe.

Once the creative concepts are fleshed out, the practical tools needed for implementation can be applied…but those too have to fall into alignment with divine timing.  A way to know when you are fully in alignment with the unfolding of any creative “timeline” is if you are only taking action steps when inspired to…not because you ‘have to’ or you think you should, or because of others, money, etc.

When you are honoring the feminine energy first, the magic of synchronicity will coalesce into physical form on it’s own, in it’s own timing…and much of it without your participation.  But more than anything, this involves letting go of our own version of time, to the point that you allow creation to show you it’s timing…and we know by now that creation is always considering all the parts to the greater whole.

I have a very literal and relevant example:

As I type this, there is a team of people in my front yard excavating for the foundation of an addition I am putting on my home.

This work, which was supposed to begin (according to MY timeline) in April, just began yesterday…on the 8-8 portal nonetheless…whereby I have been trying to implement my will for 5 months with no success or support in any form.  As you can imagine, trying to orchestrate a grounded team of excavators, masons, builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. with the creative unpredictability and visioning of an architect is no picnic. Add to that the timeline of permits, variances and inspections and it just seems humanly impossible.

But that’s that’s the point to 5D creation! To let go of the human part of what’s possible…to stop ‘efforting” and simply allow the process to unfold…to let the universe call us into the game only when needed.

In my own situation, I just could not exert my will to make anything happen…but when I allowed the feminine (divine) to lead, to let the steps appear of their own volition, all of the support I needed arrived…as if by magic…exactly when I needed it.  In other words, I didn’t need to make any real “plans” to orchestrate with others…the plans came TO me, and a whole team amassed on its own (after months of trying), but only when the doors of divine timing opened.

The conceptual, creative and design planning stages have the same process…working with others in tandem, via divine timing, is a game of patience and trust more than anything else, but when it is time for our projects to be birthed in the physical world, miracles will abound leading you to the realization that the moment is ripe for our human application & tools.  We, as a society, are just so used to exerting our own (ego) will, utilizing (masculine) force…but the new/ancient creation is highly feminine and therefore highly magnetic.

So just like the whole journey to arrive here, we have to surrender our own (ego) agenda to the greater agenda of the creation itself…which has a definite pre-planned life cycle….and show up to support our projects, only when they summons us.

In my experience, with TWYH especially, once we conceive an idea and fuel it with our passion to bring into into existence, our job is nearly over.  The rest is juggling, dancing in the rhythm of what wants to be…in allowing perfect timing to reveal itself, and when it does, we get to apply our ‘organizational tools’ and bring others on board as needed, to guide and direct our vision into form.  But not a moment sooner.

And to be clear, this may definitely mean restructuring the foundation of how you “do business”…of how you co-create with others.  I have had to personally let go of nearly every traditional dynamic over the last 8 years in order rebuild my creation model to suit me/divinity/feminine first…once I did that, co-creation became about aligning only with those people who honored and valued my system of universal creation, letting go of anyone or thing that did not.

That was definitely a process…but one well worth the travails because it not only hooked me into the universal flow, it also gave me an avenue to join forces with only those people I was truly in resonance with.  Which is another major key in co-creation.

Now, creation is effortless because I know my place in it.  I know that if I exert effort..if I am reaching in any way…I am out of alignment with ‘the force’.  When this happens, I know to stop DOing, step back into BEing, and only move when moved.  And more times than not, this is an uncomfortable, squirmy process because it usually means “not meeting the expectations of others” in order to honor our own divinity.

Ultimately, the male-female balance is a constant act of restrainment…taming the shrew of DO 😆

Obviously this is a much bigger topic than I can address in totality here, so in closing I would say this: let the same divine force of (feminine) energy that guides you unremittingly in your non-agenda moments, guide you in your life at large.

Acknowledge her essence in all of your ventures, and just by your awareness, her presence will grow and guide you. As you let her take the lead she will make it clear to you when to wait, when to take action…when and who to work with/let go of…when to plan, structure and organize.  She will even call your project participants into play when needed!  But ONLY if you take action from the same place that guided you to the meditating woman..from the top of your heart…from the neutral, compelling space that JUST IS.

And I assure you that when you shift your perspective from controlling your creations (agendas, deadlines, outcomes etc.) to supporting them, your influence over the physical world will quadruple!

Hope this helps…