Hi Lis… you say:  And I’m not sure of how to heal a core wound – is there a special way?
And the answer is always allow it to present.  When it does, when you are in the throes of any core wounding patterning, THAT is your opportunity to transmute it simply by NOT reacting to it.  That’s it, that’s all that is required.
It will continue to re-present itself over and again until you get to a place where you have absolutely no charge from the wound…that is your golden ticket to a new outcome, a new neural pathway.
Re responsibility, I see what you are saying…and yes, if you are putting off the inevitable and not facing the fears (by staring them down, witnessing them from a detached perspective by not reacting to them) they will continue to create new circumstances (read: opportunities) for you to do become BIGGER than your fears.
Make sense?  
Happy workshop creating!