Hi Lis, yes its definitely true that when we “need” anything we push away our resources in unity…at the most basic level, it’s just physics…i.e. when we are emitting/vibrating the energy of need (lack/fear) our youniverse dutifully responds by providing us the most perfect opportunities to have the experience of what it’s like to need.

It’s the ole, universal “your wish is my command” scenario.  And this gets louder and louder as we move deeper and deeper into unity.  This is why CAL was called forth specifically at this time, because we really have to get a practical handle on magicon stepping into the conscious illusion of what we desire to experience while simultaneously unhooking our energetic investment in what we no longer wish to.

These quotes from the PHC may help you in this regard:

By universal laws, you will always and eventually attract the opposite reality until you first come fully into resonance with “having” what you ultimately desire in order to “have” it. -Casual to Conscious Creation

“RADIATE the HAVING of your wishes and they will come true…as if by magic.”

With regard to… “how you took ‘your Power back’ which you mentioned when you re-started from scratch money-wise.”

Taking my power back was a step by step process over many years after “bottoming out”.  It was a journey of checks and balances, realizing the places in my energy where I overgive and balancing them against the places where I don’t give enuf.  A neutralization process, where I needed to eliminate all mental polarity constructs that were creating “opposing realities” to what I ultimately desired and release fears of being unsupported.  It was also a dogged journey of self value, of remembering where my true worth originates from, of loving myself enuf to realize that I am worthy just for BEing and that I am not required to DO anything but what I LOVE to be supported by my youniverse.  Again, not an overnite endeavor, but one that has rewarded me in kind.

With regard to this: “maybe one reason you could have created the circumstances was part of it being a teaching for us and others”

Yes, I definitely feel that my higher purpose in this life is to get people connected to an internal stream of prosperity, and my new level work will definitely reflect that, but I will say that when I first started doing “light work” is when my finances plummeted.  There is the necessity to unhook from 3D forms of sustenance in order to ascend, however, I will attest to the fact that there is a definite tenet of piety and lack in the lightworker world.

The difference for me personally I think has a lot to do with the fact that I see myself as an entrepreneur first and foremost…which is Self-serving and necessary for unity…and in service second, where others in the “spiritual community” tend to identify solely with their “service” work, which is an externalization of energy/power and therefore cuts the Self out of the equation.  This bleed-out is very prevalent and also destructive if not balanced with the SELF-first dynamic as discussed in lessons 2-3 in CAL.

My “lightwork” didn’t come online until I was called to service, but my true love and ultimate passion is and has always been business. So I just figured out a way to merge the two. I thrive in the exchange of money because 1) it genuinely excites me, especially when business serves a purpose in the world and 2) I see money purely as energy and therefore don’t hold any negative feelings or associations with it.  I think that genuine love and emotional clarity is what propels my financial rutters and has pulled me out of the mire that many lightworkers get trapped in.  Aka, I am very turned off by the idea of suffering in order to “serve”…that is just not in my DNA or blueprint and so yes, I am sure the bigger reason for this is about to unfold as I go public with my new soul endeavors.

Lastly, the Sirian Council just dropped in to ask me to share with you that you would benefit from reducing your (emotional) dependence on external means to sustain you.

They are telling me that you can emotionally let go of those things that “used to” uphold you in 3D, that  there is coming a complete merger between worlds very soon (likely thru the eclipse wormhole) and as this takes place the old external structures that upheld life will rapidly dismantle.

Please advise that this is how it is meant to be, that there will be a new way of abundance very soon to replace the old energy, but that it requires the aforementioned merger prior.  

We also wish to allay her fears that she is unsupported through this process, for the highest truth is that our beloved star sister is learning to rely so completely on her Self that soon she won’t need US!  That is all for now.

Hope this sheds some light…