Hi sweetpea, and it’s my pleasure to assist!

I see you read this from Simone on the site wide activity page yesterday but I wanted to copy it here because it feels important to your journey and I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Because the talk is so much about the current masculine energies my interpretation was that it’s me finally embracing my masculine self and my power as now these masculine energies feel “new” and non-distorted/ non-abusive any longer, and therefore my feminine self feels safe to BE and to be seen.  It’s so time for inner balance and PEACE!

It’s important to realize that you’ve/we’ve already done the work…our healing/clearing/soul searching has brought us to this full circle moment where the lower masculine is now fully transmuted within us and is becoming available in his higher expression…which is why you are likely feeling as if there is just “no more inner-work to be done” in this regard.

RIght now we are just in a transitory moment in which our trust is being sorely tested, but over and again I am feeling that we just need to sit back and allow all our inner work to show up in our outer world. Aka, there is nothing to do but BE right now.  Those who have scoured every inch of their inner being are shifting into gear, preparing to utilize this higher, newly transmuted sacred masculine force in unison with the divine feminine and for the highest good of all.

So all of these lower masculine/wounded male traits you mention…lacks integrity, lacks purity, lacks loyalty, it fears beauty, it wants control, it creates limitation, it separates me from God.…no longer need to be true, and it feels like this is what you are currently in the process of detaching from…which is why it is front and center right now.

Those dynamics are part of the (wounded) human story that you (and many of us on this path) created to arrive here so we could transmute and transcend…but you are being beckoned to let go of that story and trust in your divinity to guide you thru the eye of the needle now. (btw, keep in mind that just as there is a lower male energy, there is also a lower female energy…both exist in separation consciousness which is why neither are foolproof.  The only guarantee we have is in complete transcendence from the causal world.)

The old patriarchal paradigm of masculine dominance is over…and yes, there will be those who will not be tuned into this and therefore continue to play out karmic scenarios, but it will eventually fade out of existence.   Our job (those purged of that energy) however, is not to focus on or go near that reality…our focus is solely on creating a new, higher reality for ourselves and consequently for the world, one where the female and male are equally honored…where the lion can lay down with proverbial lamb.

As I see it, detachment, trust and neutrality are three keys here:

1- detachment from the past (letting go)
2- trust in your divinity (allowing what is to BE)
3- neutrality to polarity (focusing on uni-versal LOVE)

NOTE: When I say neutrality I mean that if your focus is on your feminine OR masculine side, you are participating in duality. Because you have been weary of the lower masculine you have thrown yourself deeper into your feminine energy, which is polarizing…just in the opposite way.  Focusing on either side will keep you bound in separation so I am suggesting that you focus on neither male nor female any longer, but instead on universal LOVE which contains both male AND female.  Your connection to universal LOVE can be found in your divinity….and your divinity can be found in any now moment (in your full presence)…and your presence can be found in your heart, that which is devoid of polarity and therefore has all the wisdom of the true YOU, of Home.)

You already know that if you look backwards, you will see those played-out constructs that held you in captivity.  Yet, if you look forward, you will see an overwhelming amount of uncertainty in the form of pure potential.  The goal is to look to each NOW moment as your powerpoint and feel your choices…not based on the past or the future…but in the present moments of your heart’s choosing.  Your heart will tell you exactly what it needs to feel in order to free you in every moment…even if those feelings are unpleasant.

And ultimately, there is nothing bad about not feeling good. It’s uncomfortable yes, but all pain has its (divine) purpose…to return us to non-polarity, to LOVE…which means it will go away as soon as the purpose has been served.  Sometimes the purpose of pain is a perfect alarm that sounds whenever our focus falls off LOVE….a warning sign saying “WRONG WAY!” each time we are headed toward the (unLOVING) thoughts that separate us from Source.

In which case mental mastery and discipline are an absolute requirement. 

A disciplined mind knows what thoughts to honor and which to disregard…it also allows the heart to guide unremittingly.  An undisciplined mind however, can’t distinguish the language of the heart from its own because it’s lost in the mire of its own (fear) making.

When the high-mind and high-heart come together in balanced union, true co-creation is possible.  You seem to have the high-heart down…which is feminine/magnetic in nature…but what about your higher-mind?  The enlightened male/electric component to your creation making which is required to keep your feeling center in balance?

Translation: What do you do to keep your mind distracted from the lower thoughts that derail you?  

ie..do you have a ritual, or a practice to discipline your thinking?  Or are you able to successfully reroute your thoughts by focusing on your HEART’s call, for example…your soul’s purpose for BEing?  How much of your time/focus/energy is spent creatively expressing your soul’s uniqueness?

(curiously, did u read Causal to Conscious Creation? If so, u might want to take another spin thru it…there are a lot of concepts in there that keep popping up in my mind.)