Wow sweetpea, you are a fast study!

So much relaxation washed over me as I read your words, a feeling that you now have the understanding needed to truly let go of all polarity and rise straight up into your divinity, into your hearts wisdom and complete knowing of your true nature.

And just so you know, every single person on the path back to Self, goes thru exactly what you are going thru in this moment.  We all cycle over and again on the karmic wheel, studying & dissecting our past, our fears, our wounds until one day we wake up and realize that all that sorting only added energy to the now larger-than-life illusion that we are somehow wounded.  ahhh, the paradox of duality!

We are NOT wounded.  We are whole, sovereign, self sustaining BEings of extraordinary light and we came here at this time to play small (humans) only so we could transcend our karmic “stories” and return to our BIGness…in physical form.  This is something that has never been done on this planet before, enmasse!

To do this, many of us starseeds/angels incarnated into lower vibrational environments because we were absolutely convinced that we would be able to find our way back to truth…to LOVE…and this is why this moment is so very impacting for you and why I am thrilled to be a part of it… because this is YOUR moment of remembering, the moment you will always recall as the time you jumped off the karmic wheel knowing that the lower world, that of causality, no longer suits your growing consciousness.

In other words, you just ascended beyond the gravity of the 3d dimension……beyond separation/duality/cause and effect.

So please take some time to celebrate that, and YOU…this is no small gain, this is something that very very few people in the world are able to do…and you are doing it splendidly!

Here are some things that jumped out at me:

“like the tornado all ’round me just stopped. “wait… there’s no more in this to understand?” whoa. when i let myself let go of the need to understand that storyline ever again… that “pull to look back”… it totally.just.dissolves. that storyline has always had so much power over me, that when i let go of the need to “figure it out”… my undisciplined mind just hushes. the less i try to understand right now, the less confused i actually feel.”

This hit me straight in the heart.  I literally welled up remembering how hard it was for me to arrive at the very passage you are now empowering yourself thru.  BIG MOMENT.

Remember that the brain is just a processor and will try to compute and compute, endlessly looping in search of the thought that will find relief. It’s really just doing its job of analyzing data but the poor thing doesn’t know that there’s no resolution to be found in (the vibration of) the data it’s searching…its just not designed that way.  In order to bring relief to your feeling body you must refocus the brain on higher vibrational (divine) concepts.

“just gotta keep my heart set on the light within myself instead of focused on the things that tried to take my light?”


Those things that tried to derail you (read: our parents) were only serving you to eventually return your own light…to find your way back to the Source of your LOVE, all on your own.  And you are succeeding!  And yes, we all plan our paths very specifically and with great precision in order to grant ourselves the greatest chance at success here, beneath the veil.  So god bless your mamma and pappa for playing their roles SO perfectly well. (and don’t worry if you don’t feel peace with that takes time and lots of self LOVE to get to a place where you truly feel appreciative for the antagonists in our lives…but i am proof that its possible.)

BTW, I will share that when my mom transitioned one of the first things she said to me was that she was so unbelievably proud of how well we (my family) stuck to our pre-incarnated plan.  I too come from a long line of abuse…physical, mental, emotional and sexual…and grew up in a wildly toxic environment.

Like you, I was a super sensitive soul and very psychically open so I was constantly overwhelmed and ended up damaging myself in ways that I thought were irreversible. I have done decades of work here, but since my mom passed she has been working so diligently to help each of us to complete our karmic contracts, to wrap up any remaining places in our lives where we still honor the lower reality over the higher…and she even told me that this was, in part, the reason for her passing, to expedite the last of this very difficult work.  Honestly, without her help, I think I would have sputtered out from transcension exhaustion, so from my perspective it is truly amazing to witness the complete orchestration of each of our unique divine plans and all those who play important parts in them.  (Especially when you consider that it was my mother herself who inflicted most of the heinous damage, and is now working so hard on the other side to help me release it all! crazy pants.)

“i know all of that sounds silly and pointless, but i sorta feel like this simple gentle place is maybe where i need to be for now. kinda like a baby step out of the attatchment to my old behavior and beliefs, but not gettin’ too far ahead of myself to where i expect too much all at once”

You know better than anyone what you need to feel good and that space is very personal and sacred….not to be devalued or devalidated.  Awakening is very inward, very metamorphic journey that takes a lot of quiet time and contemplation to actualize.  Just BE where you are at all times, unapologetically, and you will find the divinity in every moment rise up to meet you.

The more you inch into YOU and away from all that is NOT you, the more you will come to know about yourself…about your divine lineage…about your creative contribution to your life, etc.  This is an organic unfolding process, and not one that be rushed…only witnessed and allowed its timing.

The better you let yourself feel on a regular basis, the more goodness will come TO you…the trick is always so simple, yet mostly overlooked:  follow what feels good  

This is ultimately what the root of Think With Your Heart means…only honor LOVE in your life and the world (ignore ALL else).  It’s what I treasure the most because it has brought me the most treasures.

When old thoughts rear their ugly head, and they will for a time, a simple acknowledgment is all that’s required…a nod, a thank you, an “i see you, but no longer need you” kinda thing…anything that will let that energy flow thru you, without attachment, will suffice. The old “what you resist persists” adage def applies here, so non-resistance is important.  When the past appears, its usually your higher self running a diagnostic systems test to see how well you are doing at choosing a different/higher reality.  If you resist or attach, both keep you in the causal realm.  If you acknowledge and distract, you are Home free.

It will take some time and practice to create the new neural pathways needed to enter into new consciousness grids and consequently open to new holographic reality programs based in and as LOVE, so keep at it!  Make it a game if you have to…and if you temporarily slip into believing in your karmic past, and you will, just recenter yourself as soon as you remember you are participating in the illusion.  Just that thought will whisk you right back to LOVE.

Rinse and repeat.

p.s.  How adorably tender and sweet is that photo of you as a child?!? Seeing you in your precious vulnerable truth moves me to tears and I am sure it is very healing for you as well. Not only that but your attraction to these images is a REALLY good sign that you are returning to the frequency of innocence/purity/wholesomeness…that which you are in truth and a very pivotal turning point when you begin to recognize the innocence in your outer world, in everything around you…even eventually in those people and places that once hurt you.  (also confirming for me because whenever I tune into your energy field, I always see blond hair and light eyes!)

p.s.s. So I was just about to sign off and instead received a message from your soul team that they wish to convey to you that you are what they call a “star wanderer”.  I am also hearing that you and I share a (Pleiadian) lineage…which makes perfect sense to me because Pleiadians tend to be sensitive, loving and kind with a deep abiding desire for peace, LOVE and happiness.  We also tend to have the goal/challenge/purpose of returning to the vulnerability that we ultimately lose sight of while in the 3D world.  Aka, NOT easy.

They tell me that your soul incarnated to achieve “purity of essence” to then return that essence to the world around you by creating sanctuaries of light. They also tell me that your realization of divinity will eventually supply you with the means to create a safe energetic space for others on the planet to achieve their divine state…that you somehow have a role to play in this regard.

I have personally never heard the phrase “star wanderer” but apparently its a thing!  I just did some research and think you may find this article enlightening.  And get this…apparently, wanderers are primarily from the 6th dimension which may be why you are recently feeling like the 5th dimension is not “high enuf” for you!  how amazing.

This is what I  Googled

Let me know how all this sits with you…♥