My pleasure to assist sweetpea…

As far as your galactic roots…it was similar for me when I realized my origins.  I didn’t really feel any way, just kinda like…oh, ok that makes sense.  Light bulbs, but not fireworks.

If you meditate on Pleiades, you might be surprised at what you discover.  In my experience with myself and with past clients, each person on earth who is ensouling has an “ascension team” to guide and direct them.  In the beginning stages, we have many.  The more self empowered we become, the less we “need” so to speak.  If you ask for assistance in the form of insight, information, direction or even if you need to be bolstered with a boost of LOVE to help you see the light, they are a sure bet.

You ask:

i hope this is ok to ask, but for what you shared with your mom i’m kinda curious :\ did you ever go through a time where you couldn’t know her? like when you were in that vulnerable place where you didn’t know how to love yourself yet, and you needed to untangle from her darkness to be able to find it?

100% yes.  There came a time, back in 2002, when I realized that I had to face my past and learn who I was outside of my pain, outside of my upbringing.  Because my mother was the catalyst for so much of my suffering, I knew I needed space from her in order to find myself.

It was very difficult to cut her off for my own well being and it took an enormous amount of self LOVE because 1) my soul connection with my mother is ancient and the depth of her LOVE could alwaysbe felt, even while she was playing the role of abuser which created a lot of inner turmoil and conflict…and 2) even tho my mother was “responsible” for so much in my life, she was mostly unaware of the hurt and wounds she inflicted so the news of our breakup came as a bit of a shock and my distance hurt her tremendously.  But i knew I needed to take that step in order to heal, even tho it felt at moments like it would kill me.

On the flip side, that time apart actually sent my mother searching within herself a tiny bit and she started to question everything about my childhood and how she raised me…so when I was ready to reconnect, tho I never told her anything about my inward journey, we came together at a new, higher place.  Of course much was left unsaid, because she wasn’t open at the time and I had no interest in forcing my own healing on her, or waking her up to things she wasn’t ready to face.  That decision, to never speak to her about any of it, came purely out of my deep soul level love for her, ironically…even tho I had very little “human” love for her at the time.

Hurting those we love for the sake of Self is one of the most excruciating parts of LOVEing ourselves back together. Hands down.  But it is something we all face on the path of de-fragmentation because we have to get our soul parts back to be whole again.

So I feel you, but know that you are doing exactly what is required of you to become the full YOU.  To go the full distance, nothing can be more important to you than yourSelf..because in (holographic) truth, there is no one other than Self.  How you feel about everyone around you is only a reflection of how you feel about YOU.  That is the ultimate truth that can set you free.

From a practical perspective, when things get dicey, keep your sights on the bigger plan and remember that your mom, like everyone in 3D, is just playing a role…one that you all planned together. Our birth families are soul kin that we spend eternity with so if she doesn’t remember the plan in this lifetime, she will soon after.  Either way, your business is YOU.

The greatest gift we have to give is Self LOVE.