Of course sweetpea…I feel honored to be a part of your reclamation process.

This line really hit me:

“for me to feel that in my heart with conviction in spite of the world around me, just feels like another baby step i guess” because it is everything.

Following your heart against all odds is really all of “the work”…because the heart is our only dependable guide to Self. The trickiest thing ever right now is to be in a body, on earth…in the lower dimensional world but with higher dimensional desires.

That is why your inner masculine (sacred warrior) is so important to reclaim, because this side of ourselves is what keeps us strong, connected to our truth (divinity) and enables us to stand in our sovereignty, unwaveringly.  This (solar/fire/masculine) power emanates from the plexus point and gives us that clear, defined “gut knowing” that transcends all mental knowledge, all learned behavior, all outside influences, all societal pressures, etc…..it is the part of us that fully honors, protects and defends our innocence, our uniqueness, our true divine nature.

It is for this reason (because standing in the truth of our feelings is so challenging) that I created TWYH…because it truly takes a village.  We are spread out all over the world, mostly alone, waking up to ourSelves and anchoring our newly sputtering light in specific geographic grid points…but it isn’t until we are (re)connected to each other that the grid begins to light up, electrify and take on enuf strength the power the (new) world.

When we are constantly surrounded by 3D we question our truth, our hearts, and we risk falling prey to the dying world. My goal with this community is to keep the LOVE alive & pumping thru the grids so that each time doubt surfaces we have a place to come Home to, to remind us why the heart must lead.

I am very excited to see where this beautiful crossroads leads you…