Not corny at all! ¬†Contrary to that, it sounds heavenly….and pretty close to the exact description of my own life. ūüėÄ ¬†
So if that version of reality is what your heart is truly desiring, is money the only thing keeping you from that? ¬†In other words, fear that you won’t be able to sustain yourself if you left your job?

(and yes, to answer your question prior, we definitely still need money to get around in the physical world…at least in traditional societies)

My guess is that there aren’t many people you know of, until now, who are thriving in this capacity…meaning, with the lifestyle you truly desire. ¬†And I say until now because I am personally making more money than I ever have, with less effort than I have ever exerted, while sitting (in pajamas) in my home office every day…or whenever I feel like it…surrounded by nature, animals and mountain views. ¬† This life I have intentionally created for myself is not only idyllic, it is an¬†essential requirement¬†for me to truly thrive and to feed my creative bliss….and one I won’t compromise on. ¬†The difference between me and most, is that I put my¬†freedom and lifestyle¬†in first place because I realize that all the money in the world won’t help a lick if I don’t have the time, freedom and energy to enjoy it. ¬†

It’s a priority switch that comes from truly LOVEing yourself enough to honor that what you want & value is important and necessary to live your full experience of BEing human, without exception.

So lets first quash¬†any possible¬†thoughts that your version¬†heaven is not possible…because it is not only possible, it is necessary to honor it if you truly want to live from the heart, as you say.¬†

Living from the heart is about living and acting in alignment with what you truly desire, and knowing that what you desire is possible, is only the first step…albeit an important one in holographic creation where your outer world can only¬†reflect your inner-knowing.

In other words, the universe cannot conspire to your success, bring you opportunities in resonance with your hearts desires unless your intention is to acknowledge and honor them.

So this is where I would begin…by first acknowledging and honoring that what you truly want is important and valid. ¬†
After that, its just logistics!