Hey Diana,

Well my first thought is that your well being must come before all else.  Your vibration will drop if you are not tending to your own wants/desires/needs on a personal and physical level…so this must become your number one priority.  In other words, only when you feel good, do you draw to yourself those things that are in vibrational alignment with feeling good.

If you feel drained and stressed by the end of the work week, you can’t expect that you will be in the same frequency as the bliss of your heaven. You may be physically IN your heaven, but not able to feel/connect/tune into it.

It’s all about aligning with the frequencies you desire to have in your life, be around, immerse yourself in and participate with.  If you are participating in a frequency that is not suited to your true desires, then you will continue to emit the same signals and therefore attract the same like-energies and opportunities to you.  This is considered a karmic creation dynamic…where we continue to draw from the same vibrational pool, over and over, ad infinitum.

This is also why unity/conscious creation is often called “faith creation”…the faith is really physics.

Its about (quantum) leaping out of your present vibrational state into a better/different/higher/more aligned vibration and immersing yourself in it until your own vibration rises to meet it.  The temporary space of uncertainty is what trips most people up because its uncomfortable at first, but really its all guaranteed science, long as we are willing to take the “chance” on ourselves.  In fact, its the chance itself that draws the opportunities for a better-aligned life, because the physics of creation demands that we align with the frequency of what we desire, BEFORE we attain it.  (ie, cart-before-horse…act-as-if, etc.)

When you get to the place where your discomfort in staying where you are begins to grow larger the discomfort of moving into the unknown…STRIKE! That’s what I call the “frequential sweet spot”.

A solid chunk of the transition between where we are and where we want to be is in weeding out the energy drains.  Those people, places, things, jobs, etc. that are not in alignment with our heart-resonance.  It’s not as if it has to happen all at once, but vibrationally you can begin to communicate to your universe that you are ready/wanting change, to move into something more resonant with your desires, and then begin to take action steps accordingly.
These desires aren’t communicated with your words as much as they are communicated in your feelings about what you want/don’t want…ie, the heart flutters that come when you are in contact with something you truly desire, or the jealousy you may feel when someone else has what your heart wants…or the discontent/stress of a current situation, etc…these are all valid communications of the heart and need to be honored as such in order for you life (hologram) to respond in positive ways.

If you do this, if you honor the voice of your heart, you will notice thru the magic of the fabric of our universe that odd/new things start to pop into your awareness, new ideas, new conversation, new realizations, new interests, etc.  All just from “the consideration” of something better, something closer to your LOVE.

This is also a really ripe time to journal, to begin to write down the nudges from your higher self and to have a sacred space to begin to coalesce your desires into matter.

On a practical level, have you looked into any potential opportunities that would take you closer to your goals? Like perhaps a work-at home position that may not be perfectly ideal, but a step closer?  That is how I started my transition actually…after I sold my restaurant and real estate investments I knew there was no going back to the 3D world of “work”, but had no idea what to do or how to sustain myself.  So I just started looking for ways to work from home until my true soul’s purpose emerged.
And btw, being at home was absolutely the catalyst for my true calling…it gave me the time and space to uncover my true purpose for being here!  And it has afforded me the ability to now be here with you 😀

p.s. and yes to the judgment of others…i get that.  I had to contend with that too a great deal…but in the end, the joy of living my joy became so great, that it drowned out the critical voices in others…which were really just outer reflections of my own inner critic and doubts anyway.  Once firmly established in your truth, nothing could possibly derail you…the pull of heaven on earth is way too strong at this juncture.