Hi Roberto, welcome to the co-coaching forum and Happy New Year!

So wow, talk about full circle!  The very first thought that came to mind after reading your post was “immersion therapy”…

Also this jumped off the page at me:

“There is fear in my family surrounding everything. It is difficult for me to live in that energy, I would love to be able to be of service in transforming, or at least relieving some of this feeling, but I do not see another access point other than embodying fearlessness”

First, I am being shown that you have been placed back in circumstances that need to be transcended, not transmuted…and this is a very important distinction.

There is a karmic loop here…and the most pressing/oppressive energy is predominantly fear…however, it is made clear to me that the fear is ancient and not personal and therefore, not your responsibility to take on and transmute. In fact, to do so could prove more harmful than helpful.  My feeling is that you are being asked to do exactly the opposite, to master maintaining your personal vibration by taking your focus off of your family and keeping it squarely on you.

Remember, we are not here to “serve” in 5D….we are not needed to help, or save, or heal anyone or thing. Most importantly, our refined vibration literally cannot handle or sustain the density of the lower world once we attain unity consciousness.  In the unity realms we are here to exist fully, completely, authentically, AS LOVE…and to disregard all that is not.

We have to stay in our “vibrational lane” so to speak, because all that is not LOVE is…quite frankly and quite literally…none of our business in 5D.  Aka, your business is YOU.  That may sound callous and uncaring…especially to a close knit family…but I assure you that staying in your own LOVE is the most LOVEing thing you could do for your family, for humanity, for the planet. That is not to say that you can’t have relationships with those who still participate in causality, only that you have a responsibility to yourself to stay in (self) LOVE.

Realize that the highest and best way to alter/affect/influence/inspire and effectuate change in the 3d dimensional world is to live as LOVE…to BE the example of what you are wanting to see in others.  And yet, realize too that while we are here to live as LOVE, we are also here to experience our LOVE in the physical world…as humans….which requires contrast.  This is where our family and personal environment plays a pivotal role.

We are not accustomed to being human at the divine level, just as we are not accustomed to being divine and the human level.  For the ultimate 5D experience however, both expressions are now required.  Meaning, we must coexist in that which is not LOVE (3D) in order to experience ourselves AS LOVE.

This will be the next leg of our collective evolutionary journey…learning how to coexist as LOVE in a world (seemingly) without LOVE…and that world will serve as the backdrop, the contrast for this grand experiment where everyone is playing a divine role, especially our families.  We have spent many years in preparation for this…we have been cocooned in our sacred spaces where we learned how to be LOVE, and now it’s time to take our hard earned expansion and apply it to the construct of our lives.

Needless to say we are quickly noticing that it was WAY easier to BE LOVE in nature, in isolation, in our tightly wound chrysalis than it is to apply that LOVE to the world around us.

But the time is now.

You say: I do not see another access point other than embodying fearlessness”

Keep in mind that by the LOR (law of resonance), if you focus on fearlessness, you are still ultimately focused on the fear you are wanting to transcend…which, by the LOA, will only draw to you more fear.

And so I would say:  If you shift your focus from embodying fearlessness to embodying divinity, you will organically begin to draw on the vibrational resources required to maintain your true divine nature in any environment, without falling prey to outside frequencies.

However, to do this, you MUST willfully remain Self-focused.  You must literally put yourSelf in first place, BEcome the center of your YOUniverse, as a priority over all else in your life…including family…so that you are holding steadfast to LOVE at all times.

Where there is LOVE, there is no fear.  You are LOVE by your authentic nature, so where you are authentic you are fearless.

To live in that space, to live in and as LOVE, you must live in and as YOU…authentically, divinely you…permanently and unwaveringly.  You must never step outside of yourself because, holographically speaking, there is no one other than you anyway.

Since everything in your world is merely reflecting to you your own state of BEing, you only need access the LOVE within YOU to experience it in others.

Whenever you find yourself interacting with fear, you have stepped outside of yourself and into the vibrations of that which is NOT you.  In those moments, simply retreat back to YOU, to your inner world of LOVE/GOD…until your life becomes as a living meditation.  Incidentally, you are also being asked to surround yourself with the vibrations that represent you at the divine level in order to sustain and bolster yourself here.

Now, having said all that, I realize that our families are the ultimate tests of mastery and that this is all easier said than done.  However, it feels to me that you are in this situation for exactly this purpose…to master living as LOVE…to maintain your vibrational integrity (shine your light) in this environment,which is preparing you on some level for your life’s work.  I want to say that you are learning some important skills that will be required for a bigger contribution to the world.

You say: It is difficult for me to live in that energy.

And I say: This is about being with your family, but not OF them…if you know what I mean.

I can feel the importance of family in your cultural heritage however I am told to remind you that you have been called to return home to your divine roots, not your ancestral roots…that your divine roots will transcend this familial karmic patterning, whereas if you re-immerse yourself in the energies of your ancestral roots you will only serve to exaggerate the conditioned patterns of fear.  

Overall I get the sense that you created this intensive holographic training program…like bootcamp...to learn how to master “retreating toward yourself”…to become the sole/soul provider of your destiny by grounding your divinity and creating the necessary boundaries and structures needed (passively, by BEing) to influence & facilitate change in your life’s work.

(Interestingly, I keep hearing the word “retreat” repeatedly and now I wonder if this is somehow related to your life’s work? Like perhaps these ‘retreats’ will become the outer reflection of your honed inner ability to retreat within yourself??)

All of this is so perfectly timed since this next phase for LOVE leaders will be learning how to live as LOVE (unity) in the face of fear (separation).  It is part of our re entry into (3D) society as fully realized cosmic-humans and therefore many of the tests we will face will be to ensure that we are able to maintain the vibrations of Home in the chaos that will undoubtedly surround us.  

Ultimately you ask: how to navigate the release of “all that was”?

By which I would say: Your focus on the past fuels it. Diligently and repetitively shift your focus from all that was to ALL THAT IS….possible in every now moment.

Translation: Just BE & DO YOU (LOVE).

Hope that helps!