Hi Jan, the food thing waxes and wanes for me in a big way…

It seems to go like this:

On a stable “5D day” when I am firmly anchored in unity, I live off of creative energy…which I assume is just a derivative of life force if not life force itself.  On these days, I desire or require very little food if any, and drinking water has very little appeal to me.  In fact, if I drink water on a day of divine alignment and my body is not wanting/needing it, I will get a very water-logged feeling that leads to nausea and a gurgly upset stomach.

However, whenever there is a significant download/infusion of light and the old energies are kicked up within me for purification, I first tend to get apathetic to food…indifferent really, where my body might feel hungry but really it is hungry for light and so there is no way to satiate that feeling with food.  I may also get a feeling of indigestion or a hollow hunger at the pit of my stomach, but again food doesn’t alleviate the discomfort.

Then once the energies have worked their way down my chakra system to below my heart…right when they hit my plexus actually…I start to get RAVENOUSLY hungry for animal protein and will go on a 3 day (sometimes longer) eating rampage as my physical body tries to incorporate the very high frequencies and my cells needs extra fuel (protein) for synthesis/mutation.

It is and has been a constant cycling process for me since 2012, when our embodiment began…one that will likely continue for each of us until we are fully, physically anchored in our new human biology.

As far as the social aspects go, I definitely noticed (especially years ago during periods of juice fasting) that a GREAT deal of time and energy becomes available when we are not focused on the base level needs for survival.  I am sure that is exactly the point too…that we will be moving into a space where eating will become an outlet for creativity…a LOVE nourishment more than a physical nourishment…and that we can free up our energy reserves to put into greater/higher use.

I also noticed…and the Seven Sisters talked about this in Cell Speak…that when I am having a 5D/no food day but go into public or into areas where there are pockets of distortion, or disharmonious energies (which is pretty much everywhere) that suddenly my body drops into “eat mode” and I become hungry for physical food.  The sisters said that this was normal in that the body will tend to drop its frequency when it is in an unsupportive/low vibration environment…that in those areas where there is not enuf life force/prana to breathe, our body will resort to it’s 3D functions.

I am pretty sure they mentioned too that this was an actual “protection mechanism” as well as a way to stay “socially connected and engaged” to our fellow humans.

I personally LOVE the option!

Hope this helps…❤️