Hi Diane…I am busy working on the new report but I just wanted to check in to let you know that I received this and I am so sorry you are so banged up : ((

If it makes you feel any better, I too am experiencing awful vibrational sickness at the mo, but hang on…things are definitely super intensified right now on a physical level and especially the heart which has been going thru some over the top calibrations all month, some super scary, but all in the name of a cosmic heart opening…in aligning with/hooking up to the universal heartbeat of creation.

As far as seclusion, I have been wholed up and sick since 2005, so I get it.  The isolation (metamorphosis) is normal and necessary in order to tune into the subtle vibrations that are required to ascend/descend and to learn how to anchor, clear and stabilize in these heightened frequencies…but it can be brutal.

Right now we are deep in the throes of resurrection and scorpio sun is really highlighting this in a major way.  With Pluto (resurrection/rebirth) as the governing planet this month coupled with the 11-11, it’s literally push time.  Aka, these are BIG energies.

My feeling is that that some of the intensity will begin to let up with the sun’s ingress into Sagittarius tomorrow (11/22), but each of us has our own time table…add to that the fact that the whole of 2015 has been dedicated to the physical clearing of old timelines from our cell matrix, and that says to me that we will likely be feeling the extra push until the solstice (12/21) at least, when the new year energies officially trickle in, but more likely until the 1st of January when the 1:1 stargate portal opens to deliver us completely to the new vibration of 2016.

In the meantime, my suggestion is to not put up any resistance to these energies, but instead welcome them fully into your body…breathe them into every cell of your being. Call in the golden light to help move the energy thru your chakra column and into the earth, repetitively…hourly if necessary.  Keep your toroidal field moving (thru visualization) in order to spin out discordance.

When we resist the embodiment of light (get frustrated or afraid), it gets stuck, blocked and pools…especially around the heart which is the waystation between the higher and lower body system. The only way out is thru, so surrender yourself completely…move INTO and not away from the light, even if it feels counterintuitive.

The light can be searing, but it is just doing its job to burn off the dross.

On a physical level, my two go-to’s are nature (invoke elemental support to clear and ground out) and salt baths for energetic hygiene.

As always, this too shall pass…

p.s. Not sure if you saw this in the network, but I too had a scary heart opening that I posted about and others were feeling it too.