Hey Amy, I don’t know a lot about the pet department, but I do know that many are literal soul mates…as in part of our “soul pod”…with specific roles to assist us in seeing and reclaiming ourselves.

For example…and I only know this from personal experience…I had one cat, Otto, who literally forced me down a self healing path when my personal ascension and purification process began.  He was mirroring all of my chronic disease so acutely, and my determination to bring him to healing ultimately initiated my own.  Once I was fully on path, he exited the physical world.

Then when my younger cat, Chloe, was killed by a coyote a few years ago I was made aware pretty quickly after her departure and thru my grief, that she was an incarnated aspect of my own soul that I called forth in this lifetime to help me break and heal my heart from past trauma.

Luckily, there are many great pet psychics, and tho I could communicate telepathically with my Chloe, it ends there 🙁
But to answer your question, I can say with 100% certainty, that YES, they do come with very specific roles to play for us.