Hi Matt, I am SO happy you posted this question because I myself have been wondering WTH is going on in my body the last couple of nights.  It started at the lunar eclipse for me, and has waned a bit since, but this is what I wrote in an update on 4/15

HOLY jerks and twitches batman. Was up literally every hour on the hour with the most awkward uncomfortable muscle twitches last night…my body told me that it was the opening of nerve channels never opened before, but wow…it was weird and super annoying. I wonder if anyone else is having these neuromuscular oddities?

My body intelligence has said that this is a natural part of the release of kundalini, that it is opening blocks that we have held in our cells for, in some cases, eons. It was explained to me that the genetic history of our ancestral lineage is being wiped out of our bioenergy map and that this can cause neuromuscular spasms and twitching in the areas of our body closest to the chakra centers.

Also, because we are in such a deeply physical part of our ascension as I write this…resurrection/renewal…the lower chakras (our connection to the physical world) are opening in ways they never have to make way for the light of our divinity to enter.  Aka, we are in the transference process, grounding our lightbody.

Hope this helps…♡