Hello there Bobcat Barney!

You say:

My sense is that it will be of benefit to return to the daily habit of S-R-S and programming first thing in the morning followed by commanding life force/energy as appropriate. The process of connecting my energy field to the earth grid seems especially important. My assumption being that “flow” days will increase & “lost” days will decrease.

Here’s my take on the programming based on my experience with it since 2011, when the Seven Sisters of Pleiades first introduced me to the body technology…consistency matters…even and especially when it feels like our programs aren’t “running”. (Note to self)

While we are still moving thru the embodying phase of ascension and learning how to govern our own vehicles in masterful ways, there is obviously a learning curve.  There are also “side-effects” to the programming that we have to consider in that our intentions to heal, or move thru things often kick up all the stuff that we are ultimately trying to transcend (think: healing crisis), which is why the discipline of repetition is so needed at the beginning of any breakthru to a new level experience.

And then of course, there are days when nothing but a day on the sofa can help us to feel any kind of good…and even that requires surrendering the mental chatter of woulda, coulda, shoulda…but (broadly speaking) the point at this time of our human evolution is to get in the habit of being the driver of our vehicle…of being in command of our energy.

With practice and intention, my feeling is that this will become a very natural, organic part of our BEingship in 5D…but for now, we are awkwardly inching our way into something that seems very foreign to the 3D experience of life where we are programmed to be victims to our temples, instead of co-creators in command OF them.

So my advice would be to first zoom out and realize that you are turning the entire wheel of human destiny with your very DNA, and to absorb the enormity of what is actually taking place.  This will help to ease the frustration of shifting a super ingrained be-lie-f system in place for the last 12,000 years.

Practically speaking…on days when we are connected and clear, programming is a cinch…effortless even.  These are the days when being in command feels like a very natural part of our incarnation experience. In these moments, take note of the ease by which you feel the universe conspiring to your success and store those empowered feelings away for the inevitable rainy day that will follow the sunshine.

On days when we are steeped in density, heavy with clearing, programming can feel like a waste of time, an impossible feat…like nothing will be able to move us thru the sludge we are in.  In these moments, the subtle vibration of intention can feel too far out of our reach…which is why repetition is required.

So there is definitely a required balance between BEing and DOing here…a compromise between you and your body, between your humanity and divinity…until you come into complete alignment and union with the ALL of you.

This is what the starbeings mean by “you must occupy your vehicles fully and completely in order to navigate them at will”…and yes, the Self Regeneration technique is designed to assist with this process, as is any conscious intention to bring you in full command of your body system.

But again, it’s a process of BEcoming…not one that we can will with our human mind or force to blossom.  The work, as always, is in surrendering to the will of our higher Self…which is just another way of saying aligning with universal timing.

So go easy on yourself…rejoice not in your achievements but in the realization that who you are is enuf.

There is no right or wrong to this process, nothing you can do any better that will get you there any faster, and you certainly you cant mess this up.