Hi Cally, I just LOVE this question…and I see it as a two part answer:

1- you ask:  if I hope then does that mean that I am not accepting of all that is, how it is?

I personally see hope as a preliminary step to surrender.  It gives us the ability to be-lie-ve that there is something better than what-is, which helps us to open to our discomfort more fully, which is where the alchemy takes place.

In other words, hope is temporary but necessary to get us to the place within us that knows that the only way around is thru…acceptance.

That said, and like anything outside of the present moment, hope can be a trap if we don’t find the power within us to eventually trust in our own capacity completely.  Hanging on to hope can keep our focus on the future which is often just a distraction from what-is…where the pain is, but also where our salvation is.  I say salvation because feeling the discomfort, remaining present to any unhealed emotion (without trying to change it) is the only way to transcend it.

So ultimately…and like everything else…we get to a place where we let go of hope too.  And this is actually a very freeing moment, because it means we are that much closer to accessing our true God power.

2- you say:  I truly feel that without the choice of having a whole body, there is no real choice in living here as a human because of the restrictions of the physical functions.  I am wondering if this is 3D thinking, that I am not accepting how I am and thus blocking myself from wholing and aligning myself in the 5D energy.  

This I see as a shared truth, via the ascending collective.

For what would the point be of going thru so much to arrive here if we didn’t have the option to live in whole, self-regenerating, ageless body?

I personally would have no interest in being here if the end result wasn’t full biological attainment…so I think in this instance your 5th dimensional self, your crystalline genetics, are simply communicating these higher truths to you, the truth of what’s possible for the human body now.

So in this way, no I do not feel as tho you are blocking yourself from wholing…it feels more to me that you are grounding/ensouling/embodying because these thoughts of limitation are normal and will definitely arise in contrast to the truth of our light body makeup.  We just have to get really adept at ignoring the lower thoughts and honoring the ones that seem impossible 😯

Ultimately, I don’t see the ascended human biology as hope…I see it as a logical requirement to live an ascended life and create an ascended society. At least that’s what my coding communicates to me!

Feels to me like you are being called to choose which thoughts you will honor…the 3D thoughts of biological limitation or the 5D thoughts of biological attainment.  Each one of them is “real”…but only you can decide which is real for you.

“Hope” that helps 😀