“Can you clarify the relationship between “recreating our biology” and “being in command of our energy…maybe that recreation of our biology allows us to be in command of our energy…”

I would say its the other way around…being in command of your energy field would enable you to recreate your biology.

Remember, ascension is an upleveling in consciousness and the outer/lower physical layer of our being can only reflect that consciousness.  When we are whole within, we are whole without.

Being in command of our energy is being the will of GOD in action…it’s what I call “cart before the horse”, aka, “getting ahead of the energy”.  It is possible when we are in (mental, emotional, physical) alignment with our authentic, christed nature. At that point, our will is aligned with the will of GOD and so our intentions become literal universal commands, one with the stream of energy that creates in form.

This may help you from the March report:

“Getting ahead of the energy is commanding the force of the universe from a place of empowered (inner) authority…
-It’s moving into complete alignment with your (higher) Self as GOD.
-It’s enacting your right AS God to mandate your will AS divine will.
-It’s dictating the creative force and not letting it dictate you.
-It’s trusting implicitly in your plexus, allowing your gut to guide you.
-It’s acting on your instincts because they are honed and sharpened.
-It’s moving in order to be moved…commanding with conviction that the forces follow.
-More than anything, it’s an authentic, full-body confidence…not something that can be faked as felt.
Lastly, creator power is not something that can be “contemplated”…it’s a burning fire in the belly fueled by the light of a thousands suns…a fierceness felt so deeply that it nearly applies itself.  It resounds like a lion’s roar, absolutely demanding its rightful place as king of its kingdom.”

On a practical, day to day level, each time you are anchored in stillpoint, in the space of peaceful non attachment (“in this world, not of it”) you have command over your energy field.  These are the moments that you can move mountains with just your mind…your power powerpoints if you will.

If you can catch these moments when they open to you, they are prime-programming states!  These openings are the portals to your cosmic Self, where you have access to your full potential.

Hope this clarifies things…