Hi SKWT…you ask: “Is there a time when life will feel familiar again?”
And the short answer to that question is yes and no.

The reason I say that is because while we are returning to a way of life (LOVE) that will FEEL very familiar to us on a level, in terms of our true nature as God-sovereign BEings, life on earth is feeling more and more “unfamiliar” in the sense that everything that exists here, or that we have grown accustomed to, is suddenly “foreign”.

Right now we are still navigating ourselves thru a pretty extensive void period which always feels hollow, like we are untethered and disconnected from our joy…but that is just a temporary space of recalibration that always brings us to a deeper union with God.

This weaving in and out of LOVE is the actual integration process that we are all undergoing as our bodies become equipped to handle such high frequencies. It creates the coming and going feeling that you describe where we are immersed in the unity frequencies for a moment, and then suddenly whisked back to 3D for more clearing…and this torturous flip-flop process has been going on for several if not a dozen years.

But I am always reminded that this is necessary so that we don’t burn out and become overwhelmed with such intense light.  Too much too fast can be dangerous in this density since so much is being unearthed both within and around us.

So yes, things do feel strange…but they will also start to feel MUCH much better than anything “familiar” to us in a traditional sense.  Our connections and relationships with others can be very trying while we are changing into our true authentic nature, but eventually this will result in an overlay of LOVE that is so intimate and so pervasice that we are able to literally God in every morsel of matter, every tiny grain of sand.

I hope something I”ve said here eases your strain…