I feel you Amy, and I too find it fascinating how the layers get peeled back like an onion in this process, even when we are willing to face our feelings head on they seem to have a mind of their own.

There are life long issues surfacing now for me as well that are just revealing their true nature…it’s like our cells have time-released programming that only allows these imprints to be seen and understood by our conscious mind when they are activated by divine timing.

And that is the frustrating part…not having a say over when and how we heal…but we know by now that there is great wisdom in our higher plan and that the only freedom to be found is in surrendering to, allowing what-is to BE.

We don’t have to love it by any means…it’s simply the acceptance of discomfort as part of our evolutionary growth toward constant states of betterment that is required.

You say:

Ive always been someone who was willing to dive deep and meet my stuff And Ive always felt so much emotionally) so its strange that it feels like I have to sort of “work” to find it now.

To that I would say…that the work is simply in acknowledging the Source of discomfort…giving it a voice…allowing it to reveal its message and being open to hearing what it wants to convey before you “wish it away”.  Allowing the discomfort is the alchemy spawned by the spiritual maturation required to transcend it.  Transcending it, is discovering it’s reason for being.

The Pleiadians are telling me that:  “There is great power in discomfort, but it takes an empowered soul to empower themselves through the human experience of becoming empowered.  That seems like a contradictory, but indeed it is not.”

My suggestion would be to open a line of communication with your cells. I have been asking my body consciousness lately to reveal to me the unresolved emotions and core programming that is creating my physical discomfort at this new level and it has been eye-opening…literally, I am seeing things with new eyes.

Here are some more golden nuggets from the PHC that may assist:

  •  First of all, realize that nothing is wrong, for surely you created this dynamic to prove something to yourself, namely that you are empowered enough to heal your own body and life.  Somewhere along your human journey you have given your power away to someone or thing…that is the journey of every human.  To take this empowerment back, return to your divine knowing and remember your role AS creator. YOU are the creator.
  • It is only through acknowledging and exploring the meaning of discomfort, and while deeply feeling it, that you can effectively release it. In other words, you simply cannot be free of discomfort until you fully understand it’s message to you. Indeed, and we have said this many times before…all pain has its purpose.
  • When old, fear-based responses re-emerge, allow them to come up and simply apply your new understanding each time it does. It will vanish in an instant under the light of your new consciousness.  In other word, don’t force your self into this emerging consciousness, allow it to unfold while having compassion for your story of old. It served you well, but now it is time to move on from it and to claim your true power, AS Creator.