Ok, this makes more sense to me now:

 “There is great power in discomfort, but it takes an empowered soul to empower themselves through the human experience of becoming empowered.  That seems like a contradictory, but indeed it is not.”

As I was transcribing that, the Pleiadians were telling me that there were miasms in your plexus connected to issues/insecurities around your power to create your destiny…trusting your “gut” to guide you I suppose.  Likely why you are not feeling drawn to any healers at the mo…this is all an “inside job”.

I didn’t fully “get” the statement at first, but I should have know it was more personal to you than meets the eye.  And yes, no doubt all will be revealed to you…this whole month in fact is dedicated to that very thing according to the PHC…revealing what was once hidden.

Also significant for you as a (double) Cancer is that today Venus is traversing the 29th (mastery) degree of our sign so any issues around the obvious cancer-esque stuff is being triggered today…ie, those places we need to embrace our heart-power and choose LOVE over fear.

Overall I am hearing that today is a very big day for (potentially) very big breakthrus…I imagine with your astrological constitution, even more so…and that the weekend has the potential to feel like an entirely new world.

GOD i hope thats true!

p.s. not sure if this relates, but I just heard that you are or have potentially been “doing” too much…i say that because I was just told that you are being urged to “bask” a bit, that you are perhaps too focused on your contribution at the mo or that you aren’t/haven’t been spending enuf time just “existing”…integrating really.  I am getting a very busy-bee feeling, I don’t want to say workaholic…but yet I do??