Hi Amy, and boy can I relate to the disconnect!

First of all, nothing is wrong or out of alignment…in fact, everything you share here feels very right on point with our collective process.

Here’s why…

We are moving thru a ginormous emptying-out phase…according to my Sources, we have been in a very DEEP merging process having to surrender ourselves completely to the divine so that our higher self can take full command over our reality.

Based on all these statements, you seem to be right on par:

  • Because my mind is empty/blank I have no goals and don’t even have a real point of view anymore about how I need to serve, work etc…identity seems to be falling away/ It just feels like I am just waiting for my new soul assignment, I do feel surrendered to the divine.
  • I feel like I can’t make  plans because right now I have no clarity about money and the ability to do anything.
  • IN general there is no joy or passion or inspiration
  • now I dont even know who i am or what Im about anymore, it all feels off.
  • I am so flattened, I seem just to be hanging in neutrality.

We are having to surrender our human ideas and constructs around everything…even our dreams and heartfelt desires are up for cleansing so that they can return to us in totality, purified of our human perceptions.

Realize that any areas of our lives where we still feel “disempowered” are the last of the letting go and they are showing us, in no uncertain terms.

These periods of ultimate (ego) surrender are always precipitated by what I would call a “divine apathy” phase, in which life loses its magic and we feel a numb, uninspired, confused, empty, directionless, lost, bored, disconnected, etc.  But it is only a temporary phase, a call for deeper letting go so more LOVE and creativity can enter.

When these feelings arise it’s a clear indication that you are being urged to release a part of your “perceived identity” that is blocking your bliss.

When our divinity deepens thru the embodiment phase, numbness results when there is blocked emotion and/or a human/mental construct that our ego is still maintaining around who we are, what our life is or will be about.

It can kick up feelings of WTF am i even doing on this planet…for me, it even evokes anxiety around my existence…but keep in mind that we are not permitted to merge with our christ body if there are any remaining attachments to the human part of our journey, and so we are having to absolutely give over the last remnants of whatever we are still holding onto…even if unconsciously.

You say: I feel like Im not going through much of any emotional stuff 

This to me feels like a block in your flow…especially considering you are holding water (emotion) in your cells, ie bloating.  The body tends to hold stored emotion in our cells until we acknowledge and process it.  This could be the connection you feel between the two so search deeply for those places that elicit feelings of being less than your absolute magnificence…they are your power-points.  Seek out any hidden pain and allow it’s full expression.

The PHC are interjecting here to say that while in the deep surrender phase it is encouraged and helpful to request divine assistance…there are many beings available to assist those those embodying at the moment.

(Actually now that they mention it, I just had a MAJOR breakthru spawned by my willingness to ask for divine assistance from all those who work with me in this lifetime…something I forget to do but was SO powerful and instantaneous.  It evoked a deep release from a well of emotion that I had no idea was there.)

Overall, to move THRU the apathy phase requires FULLY feeling what we fear the most, this is the deep surrender your higher self is pushing you toward and why it is last to go…because we needed the most mastery and the largest arsenal of spiritual supplies to overcome these core issues.  But once they are fully felt, you are FREE.

Trust, trust, trust…surrender, surrender, surrender…let your divinity lead.  Something SO much grander awaits you.

The PHC tells me that apathy is resistance…if you don’t have a copy of my “Suffering to Spiritual Ecstasy” handbook, here’s an exercise that may help:

Exercise 1:1 “What IF?”

The following questions are designed to stir up any deep feelings of resistance you may holding with regard to What-Is, as well as to provide you with the mental framework needed to surrender.

You may find it helpful to journal your answers:

  1. What IF I could NOT change a thing about this predicament? What would I need to shift/let go of in order to come into complete alignment and acceptance with this situation?
  2. What IF this predicament was permanent? How would I cope? What perspective would be required for me to completely accept this situation?

NOTE: Take a moment to focus on your feeling-center as this will be an accurate indication of your true level of resistance to, or acceptance with What-Is.

For example:

Did you feel the restriction of limitation when you thought of your situation as permanent? If so, what e-motions were associated with that restriction? For instance…did you feel any fear, frustration, anger, depression, or sadness come up? Did you ALLOW yourself to feel those fully?

  • Were you able to feel any relief or freedom in your perspective shift?
  • Did you notice any feelings of empowerment that arose from your ability
    to completely accept your situation as-it-is?

TIP! The purpose of this exercise is to bring up resistance for the purpose of releasing it. Be sure to allow any feelings that arise from these questions to be fully felt so that you can free yourself from the cycle of emotional entrapment that keeps you in a continual state of powerlessness.