the polarity in my universe feels like up or down is all i know :\ and “up” feels like heaven, and “down” feels like hell. and my physical body feels like the most un-safe place i’ve ever been and in my body is where the darkest pain took place :\

That separation you feel between heaven and earth is exactly what you are here to heal, but it is an inching process where you slowly grow your divine connection while in a human body…its like a muscle that you have to use over and over in order to build its strength.

Remember before when I asked:  What do you do to keep your mind distracted from the lower thoughts that derail you?  

Mental discipline is so key right now…you must retrain your mind to not go there…to not be pulled back into the gravity of the downward spiraling maelstroms.

Keep in mind that there is really no such thing as “healing” our pain…it’s about zooming way out, seeing the divine purpose of pain, finding our power IN having experienced it, and then rerouting ourselves back to LOVE…over and over and over and over again.

If you indulge your painbody, (ie, put your focus on it) it will begin to throb again.  Each time you feed it with your attention, you give it your power until eventually it reanimates and comes back to life to try to convince you that its real.

You have been be-lie-ving in that illusion for so long, but it’s not real. The only thing that is real is LOVE.  Pick up your sword of truth to cut thru the illusion and lay your story down…it has served you well, but that reality has proven to you that it is over.  It is time now to learn who you are outside of pain.

We are in this retrograde review for only a few more days. You must have faith thru this fallow period until your connection to yourself returns, and it WILL return, but for now I recommend that you depersonalize a little, that you step outside the confines of your own suffering and bring your focus to something greater, something empowering, so that you don’t succumb to the incessant urge to fall back into patterns that derail you.

You are more powerful than you think you are…you are GOD incarnate.  Remember your power and exercise your will to banish all falsity and claim your sovereignty as LOVE.

p.s. Curiously do you do yoga?  The Pleiadians are telling me that: we would recommend that this soul entertain the idea of yoga to help her find a way to feel safe in her body, a physical route to grounding without thinking.

p.s.s.  and to answer your prior response, walking while daydreaming DEFINITELY does not count as grounding!  You have to hold the intention to ground while staying present to your every experience….this (mindfulness) is in itself a practice and one I used to get my thoughts under control back when I was learning mental discipline.  I would make every chore, every action an act of presence, noticing what I was doing, paying attention to my felt senses each step of the way.  I used to chop and stack A LOT of firewood to clear my energy field…there is nothing like nature for clearing.  As a Virgo, I would think that an earthly practice (like yoga) would keep you very balanced.