Hi Alisa, I see what you’re saying and admittedly I too have been feeling an emptiness in the prelude to commands at times…but then at other times I find that the ritualistic aspect of it helps keep my left brain still while I move into the invocation of higher energies.  It really all depends on how aligned I am that particular day, that particular moment.
When I am fully connected to the ONEness, I find that I need no words at all, just a simple command of a thought, or moving in the direction of a heartfelt desire, wields the Force in my favor.  I imagine at some point, it will be that effortless all the time…hopefully sooner than later!
I’d say, play what you feel.  And know that it will likely change from day to day until we are used to being GODs incarnate.  I imagine that when you are fully in the flow and need only your will as GOD, then just your will will suffice.  When you are feeling more human, more effort may be required.  As always there will be a learning curve…hell, earth IS a learning curve 😳
That said, I have a feeling that all of 2016 will provide us with tons and tons of practice…♡