Ok, first of all…on a spiritual/galactic level, I am feeling a very Arcturian energy around you/related to your divine plan…it comes thru very strong, in fact I get the feeling that you were called here for exactly this message because I don’t typically offer readings in the coaching forum but this just wants to come thru.

Overall I am hearing from this energy that “your soul contract/divine mission is fully endorsed by the light...which means it’s inevitable…and that there are definite elements of your past (fears) still working against you/toward resolve but that the overriding stream of energy for you this year is to bring your divine mission of service to fulfilment.

There are two main points that are coming thru for you at this time:

1-With regard to financial stability…I am hearing that there are many ways in which you have the ability to financially sustain yourself from your soul’s endeavors/divine calling that perhaps you haven’t considered, and you are being nudged in this regard to see that often the most effortless, natural means are the most prosperous…that there are ways of bridging the spiritual and material worlds that do not involve the heaviness of the denser dimensions.

I am not exactly sure what that means for you specifically, but perhaps it is related to limited perceptions around what’s actually possible for you or even around “traditional business”…that maybe you are being called to reevaluate, reconsider, redefine what business means to you now, at your current level of consciousness.  In other words, its not about how “business is done” but “how you want to DO business”. The sense that I am getting is that you are seeing things in a more conventional/3D way that is blocking your ability to see/attract the higher possibilities beyond that mental framework.  Regardless of how this is manifesting, overall you are being urged to release your fears and open to  ALL avenues/possibilities/ideas, of remuneration…to change your outlook/focus from what you personally see as realistic, to an open curiosity around what is possible that you might not have entertained.

I do get the sense that there are opportunities opening this year for you that will require a more creative approach to producing the consistent stream of income that you are wanting…in fact I am hearing very specifically that there is something in your blueprint regarding a “new enterprise forming with an upcoming partnership”, one that I am told that you will need to be open to (key words), and that if you are…if you can step outside of your comfort zone, it will change much for you by way of financial security.

2- In whatever this upcoming opportunity is, it it also recommended that you allow the full circumstances to present themselves before you make any decisions…that the eclipse passage may take you on a very, let’s say “indirect route” to your destiny…that the next several weeks will be a very non-linear ride thru the limitless field of your potential and you will garner the most if you ride it out with an open mind and allow for all the details to present…from a space of observation and complete trust…before you make any choices/changes.

Ultimately, the recommendation for you is as follows:  Allow the coming eclipses to bring new and unexpected opportunities, yet do not make any definitive choices until the eclipse passage ends in mid April.  This will allow for the full picture to emerge with greater clarity that will lead to the next steps along the lines of mission work. There will be upcoming changes in plans, thought-processes and even feelings that will not form a cohesive picture until all is said and done.  

By the end of this passage, greater clarity and understanding will ensue.  The challenge will be in letting go, in trusting in the totality of the divine plan already in place, and allowing the ride to fully deliver your destiny.

Lastly, your divine team is wanting you to know that the reason there has been no financial consistency leading up to now is more to do with the fact that the universal timing of your mission work was not fully in place, but that this is changing now.  They want you to be assured that you have followed the prompts, even to the point that you were called forth to receive this message and you responded…aka, you are exactly where you are supposed to be, all is unfolding perfectly according to plan. Anything that counters that truth…all questions that arise…are just old fears.

My honest feeling is that overall, the only thing you need to “do” is BE open, trust trust trust in YOU, and allow “destiny” to happen knowing that you are fully supported.  When steps arise, take them…but definitely don’t reach for them.  When steps dont appear, let go and float. Ultimately, when your soul plan clicks into place with the global plan, things will take off…but in a brand new, likely unexpected way.

You have all you need within.

To our beloved sister, ultimately ALL is well and deeply you know the time has come…this is why the feelings of urgency.  But don’t mistake urgency with dire…you have not come all this way to be dropped off unsupported, in fact you have come all this way to ensure that indeed your supports arrive.  And they shall.

Hope this sheds some light…