Hi Kristin, just wanted to welcome you to the coaching forum and say that I will be with you shortly.

In the meantime I saw this today from Stephanie Azaria and immediately thought of you with regard to the upcoming Mars retrograde cycle, which I believe marks the entire year and journey of “marrying unity consciousness with the physical”.  Aka, our answers about the physical are birthing, but not fully realized yet.

If you’re asking questions, ANY questions, such as what, how, when, where, or especially why, then the only thing you need to know is that you are not letting your heart do the walking. There’s a huge planetary event coming up this weekend, a Mercury Mars stepping stone, that kicks off the physical transmutation process that marks the next couple of seasons.

This transmutation has to happen before the answers to those questions can be realized. Please note: the operative word there is realized… NOT understood. In Truth, there is absolutely, positively no way to understand in this moment what will be second nature come the Fall.  -TheCosmicPath.com