Hi Elena,

First of all you are doing great…based on what you are saying it seems that everything you are experiencing by way of becoming more authentic, you are doing with clarity and consciousness.

And that’s SO much of the journey…willingly letting go of all falsity, all aspects of ourselves created out of external influence (societal, familial, environmental, religious, etc.) in order to become exactly who are in truth.

This line really jumped out at me as significant:

I am having a lot of thoughts bubbling around the things I used to enjoy when I was younger, and there are many.

The fact that you are opening to the “joy” of “youth” says everything really…a clear sign that you returning to your core Self.

You ask:

I am wondering how they will show up to me? Are they in these ideas that are bubbling up? Am I to take exploratory action steps toward these things, or will opportunities start showing up for me to reach out and grab when they do?

And I would say its all those things.  Your bubbling desire is a beautiful first step.  In fact, your only real j-o-b is to acknowledge and nourish your soul level desires, fuel them with your attention in lieu of opting for those things that are deemed “sensible”.

When we “grow up” in 3D we are taught to wish away our deepest, most heartfelt desires in order to become a “responsible adult”…in 5D we are taught to wish away our adult responsibilities in order to become a child at heart again.  This proverbial return to innocence is a very important step in BEcoming.

You ask:

Is this all a collective “things will be ripe when it’s time” kind of thing?

The way I look at is that there is a collective, or universal changing of the guard that those of us who are “vanguarding” create as we go in order to make ascension a possible reality for all.  But there is also personal timing, the alignment of our own personal blueprint with the universal blueprint.

My suggestion would be to throw all of that thinking out of the window and just follow your bliss.

If you feel moved to move in the direction of your passions, then take action.  If you feel unmotivated, uninspired, or just plain confused…be still.  The whole process of becoming true is an unfolding…a switch from force to allow, electric to magnetic.  In other words, we can’t make anything happen that is authentic to who we are.  We can only patiently allow for the perfect universal/astrological/celestial combination to unlock our golden reserves within.   aka, think with your HEART 😀

Regarding changes in the physical world…you ask:

SO, how can I allow these shifts with greater ease? Or is it that all of the steps that I have taken are supporting me in getting to where I am headed, but everything is still ripening right now? 

I would say that allowing the shifts with greater ease requires the deepest of surrender…”allowing what is to BE”…being present to your pain as much as you are present to your pleasure.  In fact, balancing out those polarities is exactly where surrender lives...it’s the neutral space between the two that allows you to let go of the need for anything to be different.  

ie…When you are just as comfortable in discomfort as you are in discomfort, you are FREE.

You ask:

I have also put on extra weight since 2012 and my body doesn’t seem to want to release it even with doing all of the “right” things. Do you feel there will be shifts with this along with the rest?

Body weight and fatigue are the most commonly talked about ascension symptoms and I personal feel thru my own experiences since 1999 that 95% of both are due to the extreme “heaviness” stemming from lifetimes of emotional repression….that once we open the door to “wholing”, to expressing our emotional pain, our bodies reflect that expression (of our wounding) acutely.

For this I am going to recommend that you visit the December report…toward the bottom beginning with the section called:  Body Weight…and the next section (Physical Health) may helpful as well.

Hope this helps shed some light for you!