Hey there…def can relate, I am sure all of us here can relate to that “hurry up and wait” dynamic.  It’s actually a solid indication that you are not fully grounded in your body…that your mind is in front of your heart.

You say:

i’ve never been much for “practical” anything, so guess i’m just curious for any more ways to sorta harness this energy from here? i feel a bit like i’m crazy inside with this energy spiraling up at light speed… but with nowhere to go?

It’s totally normal and just a sign that you have yet to integrate this new level awakening fully into your four-body system…that you are still absorbing and assimilating at the cognitive level (via mental understanding) and that it will take some time/space to sink into your cells.

You will know when you have integrated fully because you feel complete peace with the present moment as it is, wanting to savor every step of the way without a need to “arrive anywhere”.

This takes discipline because when you get a taste of Home inside of you, its tempting to want to devour and digest every piece of anything you can get your hands on that contains that same or similar vibration.

But a word of caution…be aware of the mind’s propensity toward mental masturbation. Without being properly grounded you can get what I call a “LOVE high”.

We are in Mercury retrograde so we are supported to wildy explore our inner worlds via the mind, however, as we leave retrograde pay close attention to how your energy shifts…this will be the time to notice how well you are integrating the concepts into new/higher life choices and body-based actions.

In the meantime the most practical suggestion I have for you to balance the energy is to get physical.  Do something with your body every day and with the intention to ground…walk, hike, dance, sing, cook, eat, create, yoga,etc…anything that will get your energy focused on your physical self/lower chakras will help you to absorb all this new information into your full being.

i just know i don’t wanna look back at, continue to experience, or be anywhere near any kinda darkness or sadness or pain or anything else that isn’t the best me ever again…i just wanna leave everything single fear, and every single person, place, experience, memory, concept and thing in reality that doesn’t allow my universe to only be filled with love, and to be the most beautiful me i could ever be, and to be surrounded by the most beautiful things i could ever dream.

Another word of caution here…JIC.  It’s common when we are leaving causality and entering the unified LOVE realms to want to immerse ourselves only in bliss, but if not careful this can lead to avoidance.

Remember that to avoid anything is to actually create more OF it.  (resistance = persistence) The goal is not to bliss out, but to accept the darkness, to LOVE it fully, to welcome it in equal measure to the light…but without attaching to any of it.

This means that when uncomfortable feelings arise…they are not to be ignored, but fully faced and felt. You want to keep your feet on the ground, your head in the heavens and your heart perfectly wedged between worlds.  The trick is to keep your mind focused on your divinity but with full-felt-presence in your humanity. 

The end-all goal is to bring heaven to the body, not the body to heaven…to get deeper and deeper INto your emotional and flesh body not to escape them because pain lives there. And feeling your emotions is not the same as getting swallowed by them…its about bringing consciousness (your higher mind) to your process, and feeling your feelings with the intention of freeing them.

I don’t want to hammer you over the head but I do want to really be clear here because at your level of sensitivity it would be a natural proclivity to want to stay in the higher realms where you come from..so please be astute to the fact that there is a very BIG difference between transcending and avoiding, and you must always be mindful of that line.

Following the heart does not mean ignoring its acheit means loving the pain as much as the pleasure to the point that neither become important.  It’s what the Pleiadians refer to as “zeroing out”.

but in this reality, that’s like a bazillion steps ahead of myself.

Your heart is the doorway back to the present moment, where your LOVE lives.  If you are in the future (or past), you are in your mind.

Grounding, grounding, grounding….back in your body you go.